Adebayo Takes Blame for Game 5 Miami Loss to Boston

Adebayo Takes Blame for Game 5 Miami Loss to Boston

Bam Adebayo takes blame for Game 5 Miami loss against Boston. He said he didn’t like how he played during the game. Also, he said that it was not the coaches and his teammates’ fault. He missed many shots that he should make, and that’s why the responsibility was on him.

Adebayo played Game 5 with a sleeve on his left arm. According to bookie pay per head reports, he sprained the arm at the end of Game 4. In Game 5, he almost had a triple-double with 13 points, eight assists, and eight rebounds.

However, he didn’t display the intensity that earned him the spot as Miami’s defensive anchor. Also, he said that he wasn’t communicating fast enough and felt that he was a step behind throughout the game.

Adebayo Takes Blame for Game 5 Loss

Adebayo Takes Blame for Game 5 Miami Loss to BostonHowever, Adebayo wasn’t the only missing player in Game 5. Miami saw their 58-51 halftime lead decimated in the third quarter, where Boston scored 41 points to Miami’s 25. Since then, the Celtics didn’t look back.

According to pay per head providers, it was the 18th time this year Miami blown a lead of more than ten points. Data showed that Adebayo gave up 1.65 points for each pick-and-roll as the screener defender.

Jimmy Butler was frustrated with the team’s effort in Game 5. However, he stood up for Adebayo. Based on sportsbook pay per head sources, Butler said that Adebayo was not at fault. It is on every member of the team.

Butler added that Adebayo could only do that much for the team, and he might feel not doing enough. However, Butler reiterated that that loss was not Adebayo’s fault. He said that the team wasn’t playing the way they were supposed to play. As a result, the Celtics escaped being knocked out of the tournament.