The Right PPH is a Game Changer

The Right PPH is a Game Changer

Whether you are new to sports bookmaking or you’ve been running your own operation for years, if you are not using pay per head bookie software you are missing the boat.

Pay per head services allow an independent agent to compete with the bigger sportsbooks by taking on all of the behind the scenes work for a small per head fee. Partnering with the right PPH provider can be a game changer for bookies.


PPH Basics

The Right PPH is a Game ChangerPPH service providers offer bookies a complete turnkey solution for running their business. Setting lines, managing the player sheet, taking bets, handling payouts, and more are all handled by the bookie software provided by your pay per head service.

What this allows agents to do is simply work on growing their player list and increasing their bottom line profits. No longer does the bookie have to take calls in the wee hours of the morning or track players down for payment. It’s all handled by the betting platform.

Safety & Security

When you are looking for a pay per head company to work with, safety and security are paramount to running a successful business. Bookies deal with sensitive personal and financial information. Players have to be able to trust their bookie with that data.

Look for PPH services that place an emphasis on technology, like RDG Corp. Those that do understand the importance of security. They work continuously to prevent data breaches and ensure that they system is always up and running.

Players are much less likely to take their action somewhere else when you can provide them with the confidence that their information is safe. We can give you tips for finding the right pay per head site.

Betting Options

Working independently, it is difficult to offer bets on all the major sports plus other sports from around the world. With the right PPH, you can expand your betting board to include everything from eSports to live betting.

Again, players won’t take their wagers somewhere else when you can offer them everything they want. Offering international bets through their pay per head service allows bookies to take bets while they sleep.

Deposit/Withdrawal Solutions

The right pay per head company takes all the drama out of deposits and withdrawals. The bookie will spend less time tracking down players that need to square up their accounts. He will also spend less time making sure players are paid their winnings.

A complete payment solution is included in the right PPH for your business. With the extra time, bookies can work on more productive aspects of the business like examining players’ betting histories and adding more players.

If you are a new bookie looking for a PPH service or thinking about transferring your business, we have you covered. Top worrying and switch your PPH today. It’s too easy not to.


Ultimately, what the best pay per head service providers do for the independent bookmaker is offer control.

The bookie can control lines. The bookie has complete control over the betting board as well as any rules or limitations the bookie desires. Many PPH services will allow you to customize your rules. Plus, bookies always have access reports, notifications, and can even set wager alerts.

The right PPH will work with bookies to ensure that they have a successful, rewarding, and profitable sportsbook business experience.