What Pay Per Head Software is Used for Sports Betting

What Pay Per Head Software is Used for Sports Betting

Today, I answer the question as to What Pay Per Head Software is Used for Sports Betting. There are many ways to open a sportsbook like opening one from scratch or using a white label solution. However, veteran bookies agree that the most efficient method by far, is the Pay Per Head solution. Thus, this article will cover everything you need to know about using a Pay Per Head Software for sports betting.

This will be done by explaining what Pay Per Head (PPH) is, and how to find the right one for you.  In addition, you get my personal take on the top 5 pay Per Head Software Companies currently on the market.

What is a Pay Per Head Software?

What is a Pay Per Head Software?Before we can explain what a Pay Per Head Software is, you must first understand the Pay Per Head Concept. The word, Pay Per Head (PPH) is a shorten version of the term, Sportsbook Pay Per Head or Bookie Pay Per Head.

Definition of Sportsbook Pay Per Head: [ peɪ-pɜr-hɛd] A service where bookies pay a third party so their customers can access their sports betting software to place their sports wagers. In exchange, the bookie will pay a fee to the third party every week for each player that made a bet. Hence, the word “Pay Per Player or “Pay Per Head”.

The “Pay Per Head Software”, is the platform in a Sportsbook Pay Per head, that lets bookies manage their customers and sportsbook.

To give a bookie the ability to manage their customers and their sportsbook operation, a sportbook pay per head uses a “Pay Per Head Software” that bookies or bookmakers can use to manage their sportsbook and their customers or players.

Sportsbook Pay Per Head Synonyms: Pay Per Head, PPH, Per Head, Pay Per Player, Bookie pay Per head

What Pay Per Head Software is Used for Sports Betting

Now that we know what a Pay Per Head is, what Pay Per Head Software is Used for Sports Betting? Well, all of them can be used to open and manage a sports betting business. This is because the PPH Software a Sportsbook PPH company uses all do the same thing.

  • Provides Lines for Sports Betting Market
  • Gives Players the ability to place a sports bet
  • Grade all bets made by players
  • Let’s bookies manage their players
  • Have a bookie settlement Feature
  • Reports and tracks all wagers.

Of course, each Bookie Pay Per Head will have different gambling options and tools that are unique to them. Thus, this is what differentiates them from other Pay Per Head providers. Here are some of the most common features a Pay Per head company will offer:

  • Casino Platform
  • Live Casino Platform
  • Live Betting
  • Prop Bet Generator
  • Players Risk Management tool
  • Poker Room Platform
  • Lottery Platforms
  • Player Communication Tools
  • Bonuses and Promotion Tools

The Top 5 Pay Per Head Software Used for Sports Betting

1. PricePerPlayer.com Pay Per Head Software

PricePerPlayer.com Pay Per Head SoftwarePricePerPlayer.com is famous for using to-of-the-line pay per head software for their sportsbook PPH services. This is because it is flexible and gives their clients multiple player and management tools to maximize their profits.

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2. Bwager Pay Per Head Software

Bwager Pay Per Head SoftwareBwager.com was originally a sports betting software development company. They later switched to a pay Per Head model with a PPH Software that encompasses everything a bookie wants. Today, several of the top sportsbook websites use their software.

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3. RealBookies Pay Per Head Software

RealBookies Pay Per Head SoftwareThe Real bookie PPH software is a pioneer in the pay Per Head industry. This is because they are always pushing the boundaries by creating innovative features and tools for their software.

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4. 9DollarPerHead Pay Per Head Software

9DollarPerHead Pay Per Head Software9DollarPerHead.com uses an easy to use and understand PPH software for their Pay Per Had Services. What sets them apart from the competition is how new bookies can easily understand how to use their software.

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5. SportsBettingSolutionAsia Pay Per Head Software

SportsBettingSolutionAsia Pay Per Head SoftwareSportsBettingSolutionAsia.com is the king of Pay Per head services in the Asian market. This is because their PPH software is well suited for the Asian market as they understand how Asian bettors and bookies want in a sportsbook.

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