Why Switch to Real Bookies

Why Switch to Real Bookies

If you are struggling to make it as an independent bookie using a pay per head service, one of things you should do is consider a switch. If you’re thinking about a switch, Real Bookies is the provider that can take your business to the next level.

Real Bookies has over two decades in the pay per head business and has a state of the art software product that makes them the leading choice for sports betting agents and local bookies everywhere.


Why Switch to Real BookiesThere is a reason why Real Bookies was ranked as the No. 1 pay per head provider by Techtimes in 2020.

Customer Service

Players will come and go and one of the big reasons they will go has to do with the service provided to them. Placing wagers and depositing and withdrawing funds should be easy. If there are issues, it should be easy to get help.

Real Bookies provides the service bookies need to keep their operations running smoothly. One of the first things that you look for in a PPH service is the “call center.” It is essentially the hub of your entire business.

How well are payments processed? Are there multiple methods of communication? Real Bookies takes great care of your players with agents that are well-versed with everything related to sports betting. They are also bilingual (Spanish, English).

Betting Options

Another reason for player attrition is that their bookie isn’t providing enough options. With Real Bookies, you can provide bets on every sport around the entire globe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When your players realize they can place wagers on everything from NFL futures to UEFA soccer and international table tennis, they are more likely to continue using you as their preferred bookie.

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Work-Life Balance

One of the often overlooked benefits of partnering with the No. 1 pay per head service in the industry are the long-term effects. Using Real Bookies software makes life as a bookie exponentially easier by reducing the amount of paperwork necessary.

The same is true of the number of phone calls bookies must handle. With the call center supporting you, no longer do you have to answer the calls from players at 3 a.m. wondering how they can place a wager on a hockey game in Belarus.

The long-term effects of using Real Bookies software are reduced paperwork and reduced phone time which will translate into a better work-life balance for the independent bookie. They truly are your turnkey sportsbook software solutions leader.

The majority of time can be spent on adding new bettors to the player sheet. More players will help to increase profits in the end.

4 Weeks Free!

The beauty of using Real Bookies service is that you can take advantage of a four-week free trial. That’s right. The No. 1 pay per head service in the industry is available for bookies to use on a trial basis for four weeks.

No deposit is required. You get instant access once you sign up and you can test how the best PPH service in the business operates. Sign up for your free trial today.