Turnkey Sportsbook Software Solutions with RDG Corp

Turnkey Sportsbook Software Solutions with RDG Corp

Now is the time to take advantage of a complete end-to-end software solution for your new sportsbook business. RDG Corp, one of the most respected and well-known names in the sports gambling industry, offers you turnkey sportsbook software to take your operation to new heights.


There has never been a better time to get into the world’s fastest-growing industry. The sports betting market is expected to generate at least $8 billion in revenue just in the United States by 2025. RDG Corp can help prospective business owners grab a slice of the pie.

Sportsbook Solutions

Turnkey Sportsbook Software Solutions with RDG CorpFor nearly two decades, RDG Corp has built a reputation as an industry expert when it comes to starting a sportsbook. If you are an agent yourself, streamline your operation with the help of professionals.

Partnering with an industry leader can help in many facets of your daily operation. No longer do you have to spend time managing payments or worrying about managing risk. RDG Corp provides bookies the business solutions they need to tackle the online sports betting market.

Pay Per Head Solutions

RDG Corp has been a leader in the pay per head market since 1996. With so much experience in the market, the industry leader has been able to customize turnkey solutions for bookies everywhere.

Tips For Finding the Right Pay Per Head Site

With the popularity of sports betting increasing, the industry continues to grow. As the industry grows, RDG Corp continues to invest in state of the art software solutions. Partners are able to offer their players exactly what they are looking for in a sportsbook.

The proprietary software eliminates downtime, which any player does not like. PPH solutions are safe, secure, and allow players to get in on action at any time of day or night via their mobile device. That allows bookmakers to focus simply on growing their business.

The Perfect Package for You

As pay per head solutions go, RDG Corp has something for everyone. There is no bookmaking operation too big or too small. There is a low cost – $7 per head – solution that offers all the quality features of an elite PPH service.

Don’t get caught up in semantics, starting your own sportsbook is a lot easier than you think. There are numerous options available and many resources that will teach you how to become a bookie.

Sportsbook solutions can even be customized to fit the needs of an existing PPH or sportsbook business. You still receive an end-to-end software solution with a turnkey website and all the features and benefits of a professional operation.

The Backbone

There is plenty of truth to the statement that you are only as good as the people around you. RDG Corp’s heart and soul is its expertly trained staff that has decades of experience in the sports betting industry. In addition, the staff also has experience in online gaming and casino operations.

This is a company founded by bookmakers with the sole purpose of helping other bookmakers in the industry. You will never feel like you are swimming with the sharks when you partner with such an industry leader.

There are several successful bookies right now that started with the turnkey solutions offered by RDG Corp. With everything you need to start your sportsbook business right now, it has never been easier to get into the industry.