Horse Racing Programs

Horse Racing Programs

Many horseplayers check the last performance of each horse and their abilities before they judge them. Handicappers consider the previous races that a horse participated in, their running lines, and speed. The following are the six best horse racing computer software programs.

. The Staking Machine (TSM)

The program offers results analysis, has 41 staking plans, and monitors bets. You can find it on famous browsers and as desktop downloads. Use the wager tracker to record all bets, export and import data, and manage several selection systems.

The Staking Machine has more than 40 lay-and-win staking plans. It allows you to analyze all historical bets, reduce risk exposure, increase profits and optimize bet stakes.

You will get different program versions including browser-based, Windows-based desktop versions, and Monte Carlo Simulations. They have the following features:

Browser-based (TSMApp):

  • 6-months or annual subscription
  • Mac, PC, and smartphone can run it
  • You can save data on the TSM cloud
  • Exclusive access to the newest version

Monte Carlo Simulations:

  • Adjustable bet data and can place 1000 bets with it
  • A TSMapp 50 times restriction

Windows Based Desktop Version (TSM):

  • Single purchase
  • Annual updates
  • Two computers can run it

2. DataForm

The formbook software comprises horse efficiency statistics, handicap and speed ratings, results, daily racecards, jockeys and trainers statistics, collateral forms, course maps, breeding and draw bias details.

You can use DataForm to export data, analyze systems and it contains an inbuilt Betfair interface through which you can auto-submit wagers, dutch, and click bet. The software has 52, 20, 10, and 4 weeks subscription plans.

3. Proform Racing

Proform Racing constitutes form and speed ratings, tissue prices, statistics, form book, and a systems builder. Recreational, professional, and TV gamblers use it regularly. These are some of its features:

  • In Running Tool: locate back to lay wagers and lay to back bets
  • Form Book: research tool and a racing form guide
  • Pace, power and speed ratings: tissue prices and ratings for Irish and the United Kingdom races
  • Systems Builder: develop racing systems and strategies

The software provides a free membership made up of the day’s wager finder race, race guide, daily statistics, and race previews. Its subscription packages begin from a one-day betfinder, Daily Stats, Power Ratings, Race Guides to the Platinum package comprising race guides, a system builder, and a form database.

4. Tegabet

Irish and UK horse racing fans can find Tegabet on iPad, iPod, and iPhone. It helps you track a jockey and a horse. You can add filters when the horse runs a specific distance.

The software will send push messages once horses start are allowed to race and an hour to the race. You can get tomorrow’s and today’s results and racecards.

5. Goalserve

The software covers all major leagues and sports worldwide. It provides API software for cricket, golf, eSports, hockey, football, horse racing, and rugby.

Goalserve’s API covers Australian, French, American, Irish, South African, Swedish, and British racecourse odds. It provides results and racecards.

You can pay monthly, 6-month, and annual subscription plans. You will receive a discount when you pay for longer periods.

6. Betmix

You will find a broad selection of handicapping tools at Betmix. It uses proprietary slider technology that allows you to pick more than 50 handicapping factors. You can select precise weights for each factor and create the right handicapping mixes.

Betmix can save 200 handicapping profiles of various distances, race types, and race tracks. It has a detailed horse racing database that displays new race results. Its MixMaker handicapping software uses an artificial intelligence (AI) system.