FanDuel Dominated the US Market in April

FanDuel Dominated the US Market in April

Two gaming and betting operators vie for the top position in the United States. DraftKings and FanDuel compete in around 40 states with some betting. In addition, the pair has a share of nearly 80 percent of the market. Thus, software sportsbook experts consider them the top operators where sports wagering is legal. However, FanDuel dominated the US market in April.

The latest statistics show that FanDuel and DraftKings have grown significantly and show which operator has the most market share. According to a report by, which cites research from skilled industry analysts at JMP Securities, FanDuel has a commanding lead in the April 2024 gross gaming revenue (GGR) market share.

According to the sportsbook pay per head authority, FanDuel maintained a 47.6% market share last month, firmly establishing itself as the undisputed leader in the US landscape. Second place goes to DraftKings, which captured 36.4% of the US GGR market in April.

Reiterated by the most recent data, the two titans reign supreme. Only FanDuel and DraftKings could control 79.1% of the US GGR market share in April last year. But this year, their stake increased to 84%, while BetMGM, ESPN Bet, and Caesars all saw their shares decrease.

US Market in April

FanDuel Dominated the US Market in AprilAccording to further data from JMP, FanDuel had the most excellent gross gaming margins in April. While DraftKings’ gross gaming margin was 8.7 percent, the company’s was 12.0 percent the previous month. BetMGM recorded a gross gaming margin of 7.9 percent in April, while Rush Street Interactive reported a margin of 3.9 percent. Nearly every betting provider saw a decline in their gross gaming margin last month. They might want the best bookie pay per head services and features.

Turning our attention back to market share, Caesars held 3.9% of the US GGR market in April, while BetMGM’s stake was 5.6%.ESPN Bet contributed 1.5% of last month’s market share, while RSI contributed 1.1%.

In April of last year, Barstool Sportsbook announced a market share of 1.5%; ESPN Bet’s share this year was equal to that. However, following November’s 8.3% market share increase—which coincided with ESPN Bet’s launch—the growth rate has been slightly slower in recent months. This probably happened due to fewer promotional offers and more competition.

FanDuel Monopoly in DC

Competitors have spoken out and asked to join the digital betting scene in the nation’s capital after FanDuel became the sole mobile sportsbook operator in less than a month.

This past week, Washington, DC City Council members heard arguments from prominent gambling companies, including Caesars Sportsbook, BetMGM, DraftKings, and Fanatics. In March, a prominent council member, Kenyan McDuffie (I-At Large), introduced the Sports Wagering Amendment Act of 2024. This much-anticipated bill, if passed, would end the current system of a single supplier and open the door for a larger group of gaming operators to try their hands at mobile betting inside the District of Columbia.

Even if the DC City Council thinks it was an excellent decision to move FanDuel away from the contentious GamBetDC app, there has been cautious whispering among industry executives. They imply that the city would lose significant funds if it encourages a monopoly in online sports betting.

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