A Guide to Turning from Player to Bookie

A Guide to Turning from Player to Bookie

You can earn money from sports betting if you are a professional player. However, it comes with risks because you can’t know the results all the time. Therefore, we suggest switching from player to bookie if you want to make more.

The primary motivation to turn into a Bookie Agent directly results from the gamble factor. Even though bookies still suffer from financial risks, they are undeniably less than wagering on sports. As a bookie, you have undeniably more command over the chances and the factors than a player.

Also, becoming a bookie is an easy task. You don’t need to spend a lot of money thanks to bookie pay per head services. For $5 or less, you can start a sportsbook. In addition, you’ll get all the tools and features you need to run the bookie business.

From Player to Bookie

A Guide to Turning from Player to BookieShifting from player to bookie is simple. As a player, you already have all the knowledge on how to be a bookie. In addition, your friends and colleagues from your sports betting days can become your first customers. Then, you only need to find the right PPH provider for your new venture.

Signing up with a PPH provider is easy. For example, when you open a PPH account with PricePerPlayer.com, you only need to answer a couple of questions. Also, there’s no need to provide personal information.

Using PricePerPlayer.com services will cost you $5 or less. Also, it comes with various betting options, including sports betting, live wagering, live dealer casino, racebook, and more.

Besides, you will likewise oversee your players with management tools. Accordingly, you can handle their cutoff points, betting choices, and considerably more. Also, you enjoy 24/7 support staff for yourself and your players.

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