Sportsbook Picks for January 15 NBA Games

Sportsbook Picks for January 15 NBA Games

Saturday brings ten games to the National Basketball Association. Here are some sportsbook picks for the January 15 NBA games.

We will focus on the Cavaliers vs. Thunder game and the Lakers vs. Nuggets matchup. The best bookie pay per head provider expects both games to be exciting. Let’s take a closer look at the matchups.

January 15 NBA Games

Sportsbook Picks for January 15 NBA GamesThe Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Oklahoma City Thunders game will be a close one. The Cavaliers are 29-14 ATS. On the other hand, the Thunder is 27-14 ATS. However, the momentum is not on the Thunder side. They lost seven of the last nine games. The good news is that they covered six of their previous seven games.

Sportsbook pay per head providers don’t expect the Cavaliers to blow out the Thunder. However, they would hold a comfortable lead throughout the game. Thus, we pick Cavaliers at -5.

We’re interested in the second game is the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets game. The Lakers are missing the presence of Anthony Davis, as seen in their performance during recent weeks. Also, they are 23rd in defensive efficiency.

According to sportsbook software experts, the Lakers will have difficulty guarding the paint when Nikola Jokic has the ball. As a result, experts think that the Lakers will suffer their third defeat in a row.

The Nuggets look good on paper. However, they are missing some players due to injuries. Also, Denver has been on the road many times since the start of December. Denver’s standing is because they are playing away from their home. Also, they can easily cover the -3.5 odds.

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