Build Your Bookie Business Before Football

Build Your Bookie Business Before Football

Building a successful bookie business will not simply happen by itself. It takes some work and it starts with finding a quality pay per head service.

The PPH provider that you choose can ultimately decide your fate in the world of sports betting. That means the decision is one of the most important ones you will make as a bookie. 

Remember, you tend to get what you pay for in any industry. Choosing a pay per head solely on price is probably not a great idea. If you do make a wrong decision, it isn’t the end of the world. There is always the option of switching pay per head companies.

RDG Corp has been in the industry since the very beginning of pay per head sportsbook software. They are one of the leaders in the industry and make it very simple for bookies that made a wrong decision to make the switch.


Industry Experience

Build Your Bookie Business Before FootballThe emergence of pay per head software began in the 1990s. RDG Corp was one of the first companies to begin developing software that would help bookies run their businesses. 

Since 1996, RDG Corp has provided safe and reliable PPH services at some of the best prices in the industry. Online sportsbooks, local bookies, and more are able to use the company’s software to their advantage. Ultimately, they end up making greater profits which is the goal of any bookie.

With so many years in the business, RDG Corp is always on the cutting edge of shifts in technology and security. The bottom line is that the company can design a solution for any bookie, large or small, and provide better cost effective service. 

The Perfect Package

RDG Corp solutions come in all sizes. There is a perfect package for everyone. Want to add racebook to your sportsbook? Done. Want to add casino gambling? Done. 

There are a multitude of solutions that can get bookies up and running quickly. Plus, bookies can get premium service that offers an all-in-one solution for the industry standard of $10 per head. 

A customized website, site maintenance, risk management, customer service support, and much, much more are all part of what RDG Corp brings to the table for your bookie business.

Have you ever wondered to yourself; how do bookies make money? Well here are your answers.

Switching Is Easy

Choosing the right pay per head service can be difficult. The industry is becoming flooded with new providers trying to make it in a very competitive industry. As a result, there are some PPH providers out there that do not always offer the best services.

Partnering with the wrong pay per head can lead to unreliable service, out of date security measures, and more. Any of those can lead to a loss of customers for a bookie. That is a no-no as customers are the lifeblood of any bookie’s operation.

RDG Corp makes switching to the right PPH very easy. All it takes is a conversation and a bookie can be up and running with RDG Corp very quickly. The company will take care of everything which allows the bookie to get out and do what he does best – recruit more bettors. 

If you want to build a successful bookie business before football season, partner with or make the switch to RDG Corp as soon as possible.