Klopp Insists Roberto Firmino is Vital to Liverpool

Klopp Insists Roberto Firmino is Vital to Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp insisted that Roberto Firmino is vital to Liverpool. He added that the Brazilian striker brings more than just goals to the team. People questioned Firmino’s place in the squad after signing Diogo Jota, who scored seven goals in ten matches.

The Liverpool boss said that Firmino is a difference-maker, and that’s why the team needs him. The team signed Firmino in 2015 for a five-year contract worth around £29 million. He scored 58 goals in the Premier League in 182 games. However, he only scored nine last year, which is the first time he didn’t score in double figures.

However, Klopp uses Firmino as a forward press to create more space for other strikers, such as Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah. It was that strategy that helped Liverpool win a top-flight title in 30 years.

Roberto Firmino is Vital to the Team

Klopp Insists Roberto Firmino is Vital to LiverpoolAccording to the best bookie pay per head, Liverpool’s next game will be against Manchester City on Sunday. They want to avenge their 4-0 defeat against the team in July. Also, the loss came a couple of days after winning the first league championship since 1990.

The Red earned 18 points ahead of second-place Manchester City based on pay per head sources last season. At present, Liverpool is five points ahead of the latter. Klopp said that the match would not decide the champion this season.

Klopp added that they could win the title again if they can avoid injuries. Also, they must find ways to beat their next opponent within three days. Preventing injuries to players is his number one concern.

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