Getting to Know the Pay Per Head Industry

Getting to Know the Pay Per Head Industry

The sports gambling industry is huge and continues to grow. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that offers plenty of opportunities for both sports bettors and bookies.

In today’s age of rapid advancements in technology, running a sportsbook has actually become much easier. No more notebooks full of numbers. No more chasing down players for payments.


The digital age has spawned the pay per head industry. Don’t know much about pay per head? That’s okay. We’ve got you covered.

What Is Pay Per Head?

Pay per head (PPH) service companies make it possible for anyone with the drive and ambition to become a bookie and run their own sportsbook.

Essentially, the bookie pays a PPH company a set fee for each of his active players each week. For example, if a bookie has 12 bettors on his player sheet and 10 of them placed bets during the week; the bookie would pay a fee for each of those 10 players.

In the pay per head industry, the fee per player is typically around $10. In our example, the bookie would pay a total of $100 for that week’s action.

What does the bookie get for his $100?

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Turnkey Operation

The beauty of using a pay per head service is that an aspiring bookmaker can basically plug in and play.

PPH companies, like RDG Corp, provide all the software needed to run a sportsbook. They provide the agent with a website. There is a feature that takes care of collecting payments and distributing winnings.

All of the menial tasks involved with being an independent bookie are taken over by the pay per head provider. Bookies using a PPH company also get the benefit of a professionally run call center.

In days gone by, it was a given that a bookie would have to field phone calls in the middle of the night or in the early morning hours to take care of any issues with players. Pay per head services eliminate those calls.

Bookies rely on their PPH provider to take care of any issues with players from placing a bet to problems with a payment. With most of the behind-the-scenes, day-to-day activities taken care of; a bookie can focus mainly on building his business.

Choosing a PPH

In a multibillion industry, there is plenty of competition. There are some extremely large sportsbooks out there. Pay per head providers help to level the playing field somewhat and allow an independent bookie with 20 players to compete with the big boys.

Using a pay per head service gives a bookie the appearance of any other sportsbook in the market. As mentioned, PPH companies will set up a bookie with a professional looking website. Players will have the ability to place bets using a mobile device and can reach out to customer service via phone, text, chat, or email just like the large players in the industry.

Bookies should look for pay per head services that provide a website, customer support, a 24/7 call center, secure technology, and more. It should also fit the bookie’s budget.

The bottom line is if you want to run a successful sportsbook operation, using a pay per head service can get you there.