Scientific Games Launches Sportsbook in the Netherlands

Scientific Games Launches Sportsbook in the Netherlands

Scientific Games launches sportsbook in the Netherlands. Also, the sports betting company has a long-term partnership with the Nederlandse Loterij. The latter upgraded its sportsbook offering by integrating SG’s technology.

At present, the Nederlandse Loterij now has a full-stack product that includes personalized player experiences and advanced trading services. Also, Scientific Games technology has a full digital sports wagering solution.

The deal between SG and the Nederlandse Loterij covers the former’s manage trading services. Also, it provides access to in-play, risk management, and pre-match services from Scientific Games. The supplier was the first company to receive a WLA certification. It was for being a Responsible Gaming Supplier.

Scientific Games Launches Sportsbook

Scientific Games Launches Sportsbook in the NetherlandsScientific Games is a member of the Global Lottery Monitoring System. The firm’s mission is to protect the integrity of sports betting across the globe, according to the price per player software reports.

Scientific Games told the best sportsbook pay per head that they want to credit the sportsbook launch to their in-house and Nederlandse Loterij development teams. As a result, the Lotteries are enjoying the best services.

SG describes Nederlandse Loterij as a valued customer. They are happy to supply their sports betting technology. Also, they want to ensure that end-users get enjoyable gaming experience.

The sports betting solution provider anticipated the regulatory changes worldwide with the use of advanced software development. Also, they deploy hardware at speed and scale. They developed a process that allows the acceleration of their clients’ digital expansion.

According to sportsbook pay per head comparison, Scientific Games launched six sportsbooks across the planet in eight weeks. Most of its clients are leading brands from regulated markets. The demand for sports betting platforms increased. Thus, the supplier developed a deployment process that’s unequaled by anyone in the industry.

On the other hand, Nederlandse Loterij said that moving into SG’s sports betting platform was a vital step for them. They made a move to provide the best experience to their players.