betting limits

Why Betting Limits are Important

As a bookie, you will have several sets of responsibilities that only you can control. One of which is setting limits in your sportsbook. But those who are new to the pay per head sportsbook industry may ask, why would you limit something? Won’t it also limit your profit? In some ways, yes, but also remember that the higher the betting limits, the higher the risk you are taking on in your sportsbook.

So what exactly are limits, and why do you need them in your bookie software?

There are two types of limits that you can offer to the players of your sportsbook. The first one is the credit limit, or the maximum amount that they can borrow from you. With this, there is no clear-cut formula on how you can set these limits. You need to go by your knowledge of the market, and how much you trust your players.

Betting Limits

Another set of limits that is very important to your pay per head sportsbook is your betting limit. As a bookie, you can set the limit for each player that you have. This limit is the maximum amount that a player can wager. Setting a limit is a good long-term solution to make sure than your players do not get addicted, or get overwhelmed with gambling.

As a bookie, its also your job to make sure that the lines are balanced. If your sportsbook has more winners than losers, then you will be paying for the excess winnings. If your limits are too high, you may have a hard time finding ways to ensure you can pay out any winnings in any wager. In a way, this will help not just limit the players’ bankroll. Rather, this will also help you minimize your risk of losing too much.

Remember that as long as you are using a good pay per head provider, you will be able to personalize the limits of each player. Not only that, but you can also change any of the limits you set, and it will be reflected in real time.