Warriors Still Sports Betting Favorites to Take Series against Blazers

Warriors Still Sports Betting Favorites to Take Series against Blazers

The Golden State Warriors showed why they were sports betting favorites in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals. It was a must-win game for Portland but the Blazers failed to win despite a good first half.

The Blazers can’t sustain their first-half performance. As a result, the Warriors overwhelmed them in the second half on the way to a 110-99 victory. Also, the Warriors only need to win one more game to advance to the NBA finals and make sports news headlines again. They will probably face The Milwaukee Bucks in the Finals.

The Blazers tried to change things up for the third game of the series by starting Meyers Leonard instead of Enes Kanter. It seemed like a good move by Coach Terry Stotts because Leonard contributed at offense and defense. In fact, Leonard had as many points as McCollum and Lillard combined.

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Warriors Still Sports Betting Favorites to Take Series against BlazersHowever, depending on Leonard alone was not a sustainable game plan for the Blazers. As a result, the sports betting favorites Warriors managed to get back into the game in the second half. In fact, they finished the third quarter on a 22-6 run. As a result of the shift of momentum, the Blazers failed to regroup.

According to white label sports betting providers, Steph Curry had 36 points. Also, Draymond Green got a triple-double with 2 points, 12 assists, and 13 rebounds. In addition, he had four steals. On the other hand, McCollum and Lillard had a total of 42 points.

It looks like the Warriors are not missing Kevin Durant because of Green’s performance. In fact, the latter played a vital role in the third quarter run. In the third quarter alone, he got six assists. It was his seventh triple-double in the postseason.

Leonard stepped up for the Blazers but he is not someone who can carry the step. On the other hand, Steph Curry showed how he led the Warriors to NBA championships before the team signed Durant. That’s why is one of the favorites of sports betting software solution experts to win the Finals MVP this year.

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