How to Choose a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Provider

How to Choose a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Provider

How to Choose a Sportsbook Pay Per Head ProviderBecoming your own bookie is not an easy task and can be a costly project. One of these tasks involves How to Choose a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Provider that will fit your operating needs. Finding the right Sportsbook Pay Per Head Provider is essential to starting your own sportsbook because of several reasons.

The right or wrong company can mean the difference between making a profit and going out of business. It involves not only having a reliable sport betting software but also having the right type of management options and reports.

There are several bookie pay per head providers in the gambling market which can make finding one quite a chore. Especially since there is only one or two that is right for your gambling operation. So let’s take a look at the kind of Sportsbook Pay Per Head company will best fit your needs.

What to Look for in a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Provider

Any online sportsbook will need a minimum number of features in order to be popular.  Thanks to today’s technology, sports bettors now expect to have certain features available to them. If these features are not available, they will go bet with your competitors.

In addition, you also need software that has the right tools to manage your players.  Without these tools, you will not be able to maximize your profits.

Necessary Features for your Players

  • Mobile Ready
  • Security
  • Live Betting
  • Sports Betting
  • Easy Banking Options
  • Bonus Option
  • Racebook
  • Online Casino *Not necessary but nice to have

Features for Managing the Sportsbook

  • Player Management – You want software that offers complete control over your players.
  • Odds Management – You want a flexible odds management platform because it will let you manually change the odds and add betting events.
  • Reports Generator – Being able to see specific reports for specific dates is a must. In addition, you want software that has several filter capabilities for when you need specific information.
  • Agent Capabilities – You want software that will allow you to have agents to help you market your sportsbook.

Let’s Talk about the Cost of a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service

If you look around the internet, you will see that prices will vary from $3 to $25 per player. In most cases, cost is relative to the features and the services you are receiving.  This is not always the case as they ares several companies that overcharge you for  their services.

Some bookie pay per head providers have a great product for as low as $5 per player while others will charge $10 for the same service.  This is why it is essential to compare and shop around before you make a decision.

Where do I find a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Provider?

In today’s world, you just need to do a quick search to find any type of information; however, we suggest using our Sportsbook Pay Per Head review page. This is because our reviews will give you detailed information about different gambling platform and even comparison charts.

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