Pay Per Head Providers Prepare for Kansas Sports Betting

Pay Per Head Providers Prepare for Kansas Sports Betting

Kansas sports betting is now legal. Thus, all stakeholders, including pay per head providers, are preparing for a 2022 launch. Sportsbook pay per head operators hope that sports fans can wager on the Chiefs during the upcoming NFL season.

Sports wagering usually takes place via mobile apps, such as BetMGM, FanDuel, and DraftKings, to name a few. Once launched, people can legally wager on sports in the state. In addition, Kansas joins 30 states and Washington DC, where sports betting is lawful.

According to Gambling Insiders, sports betting remained illegal in Missouri. Its lawmakers failed to pass any sports wagering bill during the legislative session.

Pay Per Head Providers Prepare for Sports Betting in Kansas

Pay Per Head Providers Prepare for Kansas Sports BettingMost sports fans support wagering. They want to watch sports more when they wager on games. Also, they said that it is the same as going to a casino. Some people lost money on the lottery and said they would also try sports betting.

According to pay per head sportsbook sources, the Kansas Lottery Commission estimates that the state will earn around $41 million from sports gambling in five years. Also, they hope that sports betting can attract a pro team from Missouri.

At present, there are no legal sports betting in Missouri. However, lawmakers said they want to allow sports franchises to cross the state line.

However, some people oppose sports betting in Kansas. One of them is Representative Paul Waggoner. He said that the state would take around $5 million from sportsbooks. Also, only a portion of the money will go to the problem gambling fund.

Aside from pay per head providers, casinos in Kansas are preparing for the sports betting launch. Hollywood Casino said that they would open their sportsbook as soon as possible.

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