Las Vegas Strip Casino to Get a Makeover

Las Vegas Strip Casino to Get a Makeover

Las Vegas casinos are enjoying record numbers of visitors and cash in the past couple of months. It came after the casinos reopened as the city relaxed its pandemic policies. As the terrible days are now in the past, a Las Vegas Strip casino is planning to get a significant makeover.

In the 1990s, the Strip wanted to become a family destination. That’s why Circus Circus added free circus acts and amusement rides. However, it failed to compete against Disney resorts in attracting families. Also, more people play online casino games due to the pandemic.

At present, Circus Circus is still trying to attract families. However, Phil Ruffin, the current owner of the casino, said that the casino is outdated. Thus, they will give it a makeover. The renovation project started during the pandemic. However, the company didn’t publicize its efforts until now.

Las Vegas Strip Casino Gets a Makeover

Las Vegas Strip Casino to Get a MakeoverCasino pay per head experts estimated that the Circus Circus renovation would cost around $30 million. However, it is modest compared to what MGM and Caesars are spending on their respective projects.

The current Circus Circus owner wants to make the casino better. Also, he wants to bring back the casino’s glory days. However, the renovation will not change the concept of the hotel. Instead, it will paint the hotel’s exterior walls to bring back its bright circus vibe. In addition, they will renovate the big top. They also plan to double the capacity of the swimming pool.

The casino resort will add more rides in the Adventuredome area, according to casino news reports. They hope the new rides will bring more families to the casino resort.

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