Top 10 Sportsbook Pay Per Head Companies of 2024

Top 10 Sportsbook Pay Per Head Companies of 2024

Once again, it is that time for our annual review of all Sportsbook pay per head companies on the market! This is because we had to revisit many bookie PPH companies and check out any new features they might have. In addition, we also took at which had the easiest way to open a sportsbook as well as many other aspects.

2024 has seen a lot of positive and negative changes in the Pay Per Head Industry. A few PPH providers have gone out of business while others had major upgrades and price changes.

Figuring out the Top 10 Bookie Pay Per Head Providers of the year.

Figuring out which Bookie Pay Per Head Companies was a tough job this year. This is because they are many contenders that each has their own unique way to shine amongst the competition.

However, we saw a couple of major change in the top 10 sportsbook PPH list with and losing their position. They were replaced by and RDGCorp who did a great job improving their services and prices.

For more details, View the Sportsbook pay Per Head Comparison Chart

List of the Top 10 Sportsbook Pay Per Head Companies – Reviews and Rating

No. 1 –

PricePerPlayer.comWhen it comes to breaking the mold, Price Per Player is the one Pay Per Head company everyone looks up to. This is because they are the first company to lower their prices to $5 per head while keeping a quality service. In addition, they are the first to come up with a tier pricing system and rewarding bookies for being successful.

Thus, the base price is $5 per player and it can go as low as $2 per player. The best part is that the lower prices do not decrease their level of services or betting options features.

Last year, they went all out by upgrading their sportsbook pay per head software that took them to a new level. This is because they have made more tools and features in their pay per head software that provides bookies with all of the support they need to maximize their profits.

No. 2 –

Bwager.comWhen it comes to having one of the best sports betting software and bookie platform, is the answer. This is because they began as top betting software company and later chose to add a Pay Per Head to their gambling services. In addition, they have everything you need to open a sportsbook for only $5 per player.

With, you can expect your players to be able to place their bet anytime and anywhere. This is because they have 99.99% uptime and several betting websites players can use. Last but not least, they go above and beyond when it comes to their customer service.

 No. 3 –

RealBookies.comOnce again, tops the list because of their impeccable attention to details. This is thanks to having a large menu of sports wagering options on a daily basis for their live betting options. Add access to real-time reports for extensive player risk management and you have a winning pay per head solution.

On top of that, they have a transparent pricing system that lets’ agents know exactly what they are getting. While they are a bit pricier option than the top 3 pay per head companies ranging from $7 to $10, they are well worth the price!

No. 4 –

9DollarPerHead.comWe have to say that 9 Dollar Per Head remains steady as a rock despite an increase in PPH competition. We personally think that they should rebrand themselves with another name as their services are no longer $9 per head. Instead, they have been charging bookie agents $5 per head for the past 6 years.

Overall, they continue to excel by providing reliable sports betting coverage for their customers. This year, we got 3 reviews from bookies about their services and they all say the same thing. Their players love their betting platform

No. 5 –

SportsBettingSolutionAsia.comThe main reason why remains a top PPH Contender is because they are doing what most PPH cannot. They have been able to successfully break into the Asian sports gambling market. They were able to achieve this feat by offering sports wagering options that appeal to the gambling senses.

While their services also appeal to the American market, their betting options tend to specialize more on Asian sports leagues. In addition, the cost of their Pay Per Head services is competitive at $5 or less per head.

No. 6 –

PayPerHead.comAnyone that has ever looked for a Pay Per Head provider knows that is a giant in the business. The reason is simple. They are good service that features bookie options that are not found everywhere else. One of them being the agent payment system which makes it easier for bookies to move money.

They use both the DGS and the ASI betting platform and lets bookies choose which one they want to use. The only reason they are not a top 5 sportsbook pay per head is because they are more expensive than the competition. This is because their regular prices start at $11 per head and if y9ou have over 500 players, $7 per head.

No. 7 – is somewhat new to the Pay Per Head Industry as they have only been around for 2 years. However, their services is by no mean inferior. In fact, they are better than 90% of the competition thanks to their adaptable pay per head management software. One of the best features of their PPH platform is the player and sportsbook report generator. Bookmakers can create any kind of reports on their players by group, wager type, sports and anything you can imagine. Thus, it is an essential tool for properly managing a sports betting operation.

They offer competitive prices ranging from $2 to $5 per player.

No. 8 –

DiscountPayPerHead.comAs the name says, Discount Pay Per Head prides itself on offering a PPH service at discount prices. Thus, their claim to fame is having lower prices while keeping the same quality sportsbook PPH mgt. platform.

This also includes having all of the gambling options necessary to run a full sportsbook. It includes live in-play wagering, horse betting, online casino and a live dealer casino.

No. 9 –

RealPricePerHead.comIf you are looking for an affordable Bookie PPH with tons of gambling options then is for you. This is because they not only offer a fully loaded sportbook but also feature 2 casinos, a poker room, lotteries and virtual sports betting.

In addition, they have a toll-free wagering call center available 24/7/365 as part of their package. What also sets them apart is that the also have steam and injury reports available. All for $5 per player!

No. 10 –

RDGCorp.comRDG Corp is a legendary pay per head provider that has been in business since 1996. In addition, they have been hosting several well-known sportsbooks for just as long and continue to impress. Throughout the years, they have always been a solid option to open a sportsbook.

However, the past couple of years they have gone above and beyond to cater to bookies and agents with several positive changes. This includes having more comprehensive PPH packages, hosting options and more!

How We Identify the Best Sportsbook Pay Per Head Providers

How We Identify the Best Sportsbook Pay Per Head Providers

PricingCost is an important factor when choosing a PPH as it should be proportional with the quality of the service. Therefore, we do not only look as to how cheap it is but also as to what you get for the service. Some PPH Bookies have lower cost with excellent service, while other also have low cost but a poor software.

On the other hand of the spectrum, some services have higher cost but are well worth the price while others are just too expensive to justify the cost. Thus, we take all of these into consideration when we review and rate a Pay Per Head Bookie company.

Pay Per Head SoftwareWe look at the Pay Per Head Sportsbook management backend that allows bookmakers to control their business. This is because this is the heart of your company. Therefore, we examine the reports, player management features, banking, promotion tools and such.

Gambling Options – This is where we look at what you get for your money. What sports and leagues do they cover? Do they have live betting and if so, how many per game and for what sport. In addition, do they also offer other gambling options like casino, liver dealer casino, poker or a racebook?

Sportsbook Betting Platform – How easy is it for players to place their bet? Is it mobile friendly? Is it easy to navigate? These are the type of questions we ask when we rate a Bookie Pay Per Head.

Customer Service – Are they polite, respectful, and helpful?

Opinions from Bookies – As much as we try, we are not able to catch everything when we test out Pay Per head providers. That is why we also rely a bit on what bookies think about specific Bookie PPH companies. Thus, we often send out surveys and reviews to bookies. In addition, we visit several sportsbook pay per head forums to see if any are currently taking place.