Gets an Overhaul Gets an Overhaul

It’s been a while since we went to visit and when we did, we were in for a surprise. This is because they made some major changes to their website and their Sportsbook Pay Per Head Software. Saying that Gets an Overhaul is an understatement as it is better, friendlier and has more tools and features.

We knew that Price Per Player had been working on the Sportsbook Pay Per Head service for quite some time. However, we did not know that they were trying to change it this much. After seeing these changes, we got in contact with Josh Ingram, the marketing director for He was kind enough to go thru most of the changes that took place with us. Gets an Overhaul with a New Look and Software

A Fresh New Look for Price Per Player Gets an Overhaul with a New Look and SoftwareAccording to Ingram, the biggest change to the website was the addition to the registration form on the homepage. The reason behind this change is to make it even easier for people to become a bookie on their site. Before, a visitor would have to click on the “Get Started” button to become a bookie agent. Thus, they took that extra step out to make it easier on them.

In terms of looks, the last time PricePerPlayer made a change to their site was 5 years ago. That is a very long time. Especially since we are talking about the tech industry. Since then, they have made many updates to their betting software but it has never been reflected on their website.

The new website looks has a design to give it a more modern and fresher feel to it. All while at the same time representing the values of the company for quality and reliability at a fair price. It took a while to get uses to the new colors but nevertheless, they remain true to the original brand. Just in a more subtle tone.

Overall, we see it as a positive thing as the site seems cleaner and more modern.

A New Sportsbook Pay Per Head Software

A New Sportsbook Pay Per Head SoftwareThe new Sportsbook Pay Per Head Software and management platform went live last year at the end of the summer. However, it was a soft launch and they did not make a big deal out of it. This is because to them, it was just an upgrade to their already well-working pay per head program. Well, we beg to differ on that point as this is a major overhaul that blows their competition away.

>> You Can Check out the new Sportsbook Pay Per Head Management Software Here

One of the biggest changes is the Agent Lines Mover tools that can be found in the Extra Feature section. This allows the bookie to manually change the odds for their players as an alternate line. In addition, it also includes the ability to manage prop bet odds.

One of the interesting options is that it allows the bookies to follow the line. Thus, bookmakers are able to get an alert every time it changes.

However, for that option we found it to be a pain to get back to the main menu. For some reason, the agent line mover tool is on a separate url with no button to get back t the main menu. So we had to use the back button to get back to it.

In addition, they also have a beat the line report. This gives the operator a report about which players are careful about the lines they use. Thus, you get a report on players who put their bet down after a line change.

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