PokerStars is Introducing a New Rewards Program

PokerStars is Introducing a New Rewards Program

2024 is bringing a lot of changes to gambling industry and PokerStars is no exception. According to the latest poker news, PokerStars just made an announcement that discloses the full details of their new rewards program. Thus, PokerStars is Introducing a New Rewards Program that will feature a more transparent and easier to understand program.

The new PokerStars Rewards Program will being next Monday on January 22, 2024. Furthermore, the new program will roll out across multiple international markets. However, it is unclear as to when it will go live in the US and Canada.

PokerStars is Introducing a New Rewards Program with 60% Rakeback

PokerStars is Introducing a New Rewards Program with 60% RakebackThe new program will focus more on high volume pokers and professional. Under the old program, players did not know what kind of rakback they would get. This is because they would receive a rakeback challenge but with different size and requirements. With the new program, players will know exactly what they are getting. This is because if they play a certain volume, they will get a specific rakeback rate.

Players who rake between $50k-$100k per year will be in the Select tier. However, those who rake more, will be in the Select+ tier. In addition, players who meet the criteria for their play over the past year will be added automatically on launch.

Select online poker will receive 50% rakeback on a daily basis, plus special promotions exclusive to their activity levels. Select+ players will also receive 60% rakeback on their Zoom and Spin & Go play. Furthermore, Participation in Select/+ will be available on a rolling basis. However, players will need  to rake certain amounts over 3 or 12 months to maintain their status.

With this new program, PokerStar will not just have best gambling software for poker but also be easier to understand.

Key Highlights of the 2024 PokerStars Reward Program

  • Offers more generosity, increased flexibility & transparency
  • Equal rewards for all players
  • Will Introduces two new tiers — Select and Select Plus,
  • Players can get up to 60% rakeback — with annual rake targets.
  • Clearing Chests will have an increase in volume requirement
  • No More Weekly Challenges
  • Places significant focus on Power Path

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