US Commercial Casino Revenue Reached $16.1 Billion in Third Quarter

US Commercial Casino Revenue Reached $16.1 Billion in Third Quarter

The third quarter of 2023 marked a milestone for the US commercial casino revenue when it reached $16.1 billion. According to the American Gaming Association, it was a year-on-year increase of 6.1 percent. Also, it marked the eleventh straight quarter of year revenue growth.

According to gambling software providers, the report accounted for slot machines, table games, sports betting, and iGaming earnings from traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. Also, the report excluded the gross gaming revenue (GGR) from lotteries and tribal casinos.

According to AGA data, the US gaming business is booming like never before, largely thanks to the proliferation of legal sports betting nationwide. Even while slot machines at brick-and-mortar casinos brought in $8.98 billion, up 1.7 percent from Q3 2022, and table games at $2.64 billion, up 3.8 percent, iGaming and oddsmakers also had more significant increases.

In the third quarter, the combined gross gaming revenue (GGR) from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, West Virginia, Delaware, and Michigan online casinos was $1.52 billion. That is an increase of 26% compared to the same quarter in 2022.

US Commercial Casino Revenue in the Third Quarter

US Commercial Casino Revenue Reached $16.1 Billion in Third QuarterAccording to bookie pay per head software reports, sportsbooks netted $2.15 billion, an almost 23 percent increase from the previous year.

Currently, 35 states and the District of Columbia have legalized sports betting. Soon, 38 states will have legalized sports betting with the addition of Nebraska, North Carolina, and Vermont.

Total commercial GGR in 2023 is $48.69 billion, up 10% from the first nine months of the previous year. A quarter’s worth of data suggests that commercial casinos in the United States are on track to break another annual GGR record in 2023. It does not include sportsbooks using the best pay per head companies of 2023.

GGR hit a new high of almost $60 billion in 2022. After record-breaking earnings of $45.62 billion for commercial gaming interests in 2021, the industry saw a surge in sales to $60.42 billion that year.

Legacy gambling has grown, but iGaming and mobile sportsbooks are responsible for much of the expansion. The total amount won at slot machines this year is $26.7 billion, up 3.8%, while the total amount won at table games is $7.6 billion, up 2.3%.

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