Bookie Marketing Guide to PPC Audits

Bookie Marketing Guide to PPC Audits

Managing your PPC account is similar to playing a game. You need to understand the rules first to develop winning strategies. Also, auditing your campaigns is vital to understanding the rules. Thus, we created a bookie marketing guide for PPC audits.

This PPH bookie tutorial will cover factors to consider when doing a PPC audit. Also, we will provide tips to help you with various aspects of a PPC audit. You should do one at least once for each quarter.

Bookie Marketing Guide on Auditing PPC Accounts

Bookie Marketing Guide to PPC AuditsThe first thing to examine is the structure of your accounts. It is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect of a business account. Even the finest creative will be ruined by a poorly structured account, wasting marketing dollars and the effort of a bookie software marketing campaign.

Furthermore, campaigns should only target one big market at a time. It is because adverts are served in the account’s timezone, not the user’s. Furthermore, it is difficult for a single budget to sustain more than one primary market. Use Impression Share (and impression share lost to budget) to determine if you’re asking too much of your money.

Another factor to think about is your conversion rate. Conversion tracking is an essential component of every PPC campaign. It is simple to make mistakes when auditing campaigns owing to inaccurate conversion monitoring.

When doing a PPC audit, you must decide whether the ad text corresponds to your persona. As a general guideline, you should only have one primary creative concept per ad group (while still allowing for A/B tests). If you combine too many products/services/personas into one ad group, you won’t be able to speak directly to client demands, reducing the creative’s efficacy.

Finally, we propose screening for unintentional waste. Make sure that your location settings are confirmed. Furthermore, the keyword recommendations should be in the correct area and match the type.

That concludes another How to Be a Bookie guide. Make sure you read other tutorials to become a successful bookie in no time.

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