2022 World Cup Schedule Change Confirmed by FIFA

2022 World Cup Schedule Change Confirmed by FIFA

There is a change to the 2022 World Cup schedule. According to FIFA, the tournament will start a day earlier. That way, host Qatar will play the first game against Ecuador. Thus, the Qatar World Cup will begin on November 20.

The original schedule will have the Netherlands play against Senegal to kick off the tournament. However, according to FIFA, the new schedule will provide a more significant celebration for local and overseas fans as the host Qatar will face Ecuador.

According to sportsbook pay per head providers, FIFA decided to continue the tradition where the first match features the host country or the reigning champions. Also, FIFA analyzed the operational and competition implications of the adjusted schedule. Furthermore, the organizers conducted a thorough consultation with the host nation and vital stakeholders.

2022 World Cup Schedule Change

2022 World Cup Schedule Change Confirmed by FIFAAs a result, Senegal will play the Netherlands in the evening instead of the first schedule in the afternoon. Despite the schedule change, players from participating countries will not change. They will arrive in Qatar starting November 14.

FIFA additionally noticed that ticket holders are notified via email of the rescheduled games. Also, their tickets will stay legitimate independent of the new date and time.

FIFA stated that the tournament’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy confirmed the host’s support for the decision.

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