Types Of Horse Racing Bets: A Guide for Beginners

Types Of Horse Racing Bets: A Guide for Beginners

Do you want to wager on sports but don’t know how it works? And among all the sports you want to bet on, does horse racing pique your interests? If so, you have come to the right place.

This article will provide you with a better understanding of the various types of horse racing bets that will ease you into the process of betting, even as a beginner.

Betting On Horse Races

Horse racing is a popular sport that has been around for a long time. It has been a considerable pastime for horse lovers and betting enthusiasts, as not only it is thrilling, but it is also available to a wide range of people.


Besides the exciting horse races, betting on horse races might provide another level of excitement for you. There are several types of horse racing form which you can wager on. From harness racing to thoroughbred racing, you can contact TopSport Australian site to learn more about the horse racing types.

Types Of Horse Racing Bets

As a novice in horse racing and sports betting, it is essential to know the basics of horse racing and its terminologies to keep your mind off the confusion and have a thorough understanding. This article has laid out the two primary types of horse racing bets: the straight bets and the exotic bets.

Straight Betting

This type of horse racing wager can be easily understood. It is a sort of betting in which you put a wager on a single horse. When compared to exotic betting, this sort of betting is easier to achieve a return. Moreover, straight bets can be classified into three types: win, place, and show.


This type of straight betting is where you place a wager on a specific horse that will run first. You will lose your stake if the horse you bet loses. This is one of the most popular straight bets since it offers the biggest payoff and poses the most risk. This applies to one of the most significant investment lines: the greater the risk, the higher the return.


If you are the type of bettor to go on a safe lane, this type of straight bet is for you. In this, you are placing your wager on the horse who will come off either first or second. If your betting horse runs first or second, you’ll win.


This type of straight betting has the lowest odds among the three. This type of betting places a wager on the horse that can finish first, second, or third. Thus, making this bet the safest yet the lowest risk of return.

Exotic Betting

You can put several wagers on multiple horses using this type of bet. However, you are placed in a challenging position to win in this sort of betting, but the reward is more significant than that of straight bets. This type of betting requires thorough knowledge and skill in picking your horses, as exotic betting is more complicated.

Exacta Betting

This wager requires you to predict the horse who will finish off first and second place and their exact sequence. If your prediction is correct and accurate, the payout that you’ll receive will be greater than placing a wager on individual horses.

Trifecta Betting

The difference between trifecta and exacta betting is that in this wager, you are to predict which horse will come off first, second, as well as third place. With this type of betting, the prediction of your sequence must be specified.

Superfecta betting

Now, in this type of betting, you are also required to predict the fourth instead of only including the horses, which will finish off first to third. Again, this will increase your chances of receiving a more significant return. However, it can be challenging to predict the exact sequence of the top four horses.

Hi-5 Betting

In exacta betting, you need to predict the top two horses precisely; the top three horses for trifecta betting and the top four horses for superfecta betting. In this betting – yes, you’ve guessed it right! You must predict the top five horses, including their exact order.

Quinella Betting

This type of betting is the same as exacta. The only difference is that quinella betting does not require the particular sequence of the top two horses. Instead, you can put a wager on the horses you think will finish off first and second place, regardless of the exact sequence. If the bets you have placed are correct, then you win.


Horse racing and horse race betting are fun and exciting. But as a beginner, you need first to study the fundamentals of horse racing and how it works. Once you get used to the betting process, you will be able to choose the sort of wager you will place and devise an appropriate strategy. Now, are you ready to place your bets?

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