Lawmakers Unveil New Kentucky Sports Betting Bills

Lawmakers Unveil New Kentucky Sports Betting Bills

House Republicans lawmakers unveiled new Kentucky sports betting bills. Their goal is to legalize the activity in the state. First, however, they want to ban gray machines or machines that resemble slots in convenience stores.

Different bills look to modify the assessment structure on horse racing and pari-mutuel betting to keep the rate on historical horse racing unaltered. Also, they want to set up a trust fund to make mindfulness and treatment for betting fixation.

According to bookie pay per head reports, Representative Adam Koenig declared the four new bills at a public interview alongside one omnibus bill that would incorporate language from each of the four bills. Also, they would file the bill later the same day.

New Kentucky Sports Betting Bills

Lawmakers Unveil New Kentucky Sports Betting BillsKentucky is one of just 17 states to have not legitimized wagering on sports. However, a new survey showed that voters are favorable to the legitimization of sports wagering. It included a large part of Republicans.

Koenig’s new games wagering bill is like what he pushed in the 2020 meeting. The bill allows sports wagering at authorized horse racing tracks and the Kentucky Speedway, according to gambling software providers. Also, players can have access to sports betting apps.

Regardless of getting the approval from the committee by an 18-0 vote in 2020, Koenig’s comparative sports betting bill died in the House without even getting a vote. The best sports betting software assessed that Kentucky sports betting could earn around $22.5 million yearly for the state.

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