Manage, Track and Score All Your Players Sports Action

Manage, Track and Score All Your Players Sports Action

Bookies charge each player a certain fee whenever they gamble. Yet, some operators struggle to manage their bettors’ activities.

This puts them at risk of losing money if several sharp bettors sign up and wager at their sites anonymously. You can manage and track your gamblers’ sports action in the following five ways.

1.     Trends and Tipping Gambling

You might have heard about someone who once attempted to develop a tipping challenge between themselves. Trend gambling entails several friends who wager on similar sporting events that are taking place at the same time. The growth of social media has greatly contributed to the soaring numbers of trend bettors.

Sportsbooks use a complicated engine to record this form of betting and it compares trends bets with other wagers. For example, an operator can set an alarm to ring once some people wager on the same game at the same time as it shows that they are using a similar tipping service. Professional bettors rarely engage in trend betting since if an individual in a group is an expert in placing trend bets, it will reduce the rest of the group’s stake as they have a close relationship with the tipping service.

2.     Clicks and the Time Bettors Spend Online

Most popular betting companies know the amount of time each player spends online and the number of clicks they make while checking specific markets. This information helps them tailor various betting products to their clients or to flag them up if they are spending long hours gambling.

Some bookmakers get activity alerts based on how active you are online. They help them identify players who are suffering from problem gambling, understand how a particular bettor likes to wager, the time they like to bet, and their favorite teams. Moreover, the alerts flag up factors like if a bettor suddenly changes their gambling pattern. Pay Per Head Services

3.     I.P. Address and Location

Bookmakers often track gamblers’ Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to identify those who try to open several accounts from one family, I.P address, or location. It is tricky if a player from your location attempts to sign up at the same bookie you often wager at while using the same I.P. address as the operator can close your account.

Still, some betting firms allow gamblers to open many accounts with one I.P. address. You have to prove that they aren’t duplicate accounts.

Bookmakers track bettors’ I.P. addresses to know their location. For example, the United Kingdom sportsbooks follow strict rules that need them to monitor each bettor.

Some craft players use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to mask their addresses. Hence, it is advisable to install advanced software that will detect whenever a gambler changes their I.P. address.

4.     Stakes

Generally, bookies classify bettors at one staking level immediately after they sign up. You can reduce some players’ staking level once they start winning several bets simultaneously. Increase the staking limit of gamblers who often lose on particular sports.

This is a perfect alternative to banning a bettor completely as you will make more profit when they continue wagering on sports that they normally lose on.

5.     Cookies

Each laptop or personal computer (PC) uses cookies. Your device logs each visit that you make to a certain website.

Some nations require gamblers to accept cookies before they start betting while others send notifications about cookies being operative. They log details like the time a bettor spent at your site and the time they took to find various pages on your website.

Bookie operators are often on the lookout for bettors who operate many accounts or engage in matched gambling. Some of them close all accounts that a gambler owns once they discover that they have violated their rules. So, it is necessary to track each player and limit betting accounts whose owners aren’t adding value to your sportsbook. Pay Per Head Services

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