How to Pick a Pay Per Head Sportsbook

How to Pick a Pay Per Head Sportsbook

Choosing a pay per head sportsbook is probably the one decision that can have the most impact on the success of your business. It’s an important decision and it’s not an easy one.

There are a huge number of pay per head providers out there in the market. It is a super competitive industry. So, how do you pick a pay per head sportsbook? Here is what you can do before you make such a huge decision.

Even if you’re already using a PPH service, you need to look at your best options. Switching PPH services has never been so easy.

Research Pay Per Head Services

First off, do some research and understand the PPH market. There are plenty of pay per head services out there that have all that latest technology and gadgets but lack industry experience.

What you need is a provider that will manage your business while you go out and grow it. Typically, to find those pay per head software companies there are some questions that you need answered.


Look for Experience

How long has a PPH provider been in business? Look for services run by industry professionals that have experience in providing these services to other sportsbooks.

It doesn’t have to be a huge operation, but a pay per head provider worth anything is going to have enough trained professional employees to handle volume.

PPH Services – Additional Services

PPH Services - Additional ServicesThe whole reason you are thinking about a pay per head service is the services they provide that will make your life easier. The best PPH services in the industry offer their customers a 24/7 call center, easy deposit and withdrawals for players, multi-language capabilities and more.

In addition, the top pay per head providers will offer other services like casino gambling, poker, and even a racebook. Your operation might not be ready for those at the start, but at some point you may be able to take advantage of those services and increase your revenue.

Reporting is Key

Another question you should get answered before making a PPH decision concerns reports. What types of reports are available and how often?

The best pay per head software services will provide daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports that cover a number of factors designed to help grow your business. You will never know how to improve what you don’t measure. Make sure your choice of PPH gives you the ability to do this.

Managing Players to Minimize Risk

As in any competitive industry, there are some that are less than desirable.

When it comes to managing players, remember this is your business. The player sheet belongs to you and not your pay per head provider.

You hire the PPH to help you run your business.

You manage the players – end of story.

Hiring a pay per head company is what allows you to manage your player sheet and grow it to increase your bottom line. Don’t forget that.

Another point towards managing players is betting board management. With the help of the right pay per head shop, you can manage your entire betting board on an account by account basis. Risk management tools are just one reason you’ll make more money.

Choosing a PPH Service

Remember, your choice of a pay per head service is one of the most important decisions you can make to improve your business. Do your research to find companies that may fit what you are looking for.

Read online reviews and ultimately contact those PPH services that you might like to hire. In the end, go with the one that meets all of your criteria and gives you the best gut feeling.