Setup the Odds

Setup the Odds

The bookmaking business has never been easier to manage than now. Local bookmakers have more tools at their fingertips then in the past and earning a great living is not only possible, but it’s an everyday reality. The best line and odds are either set by you or by the PPH and now you can have both. Find out what the PPH is offering, it may be worth your time. The price has never been better. If you are tired of beating your head against a wall and sick of the nightmare that so often goes hand in hand with the life of a bookie, then listen up, there is hope for you. Now, you can set your own odds, or you can have the PPH set them for you.


  • The good news, either way, you are in control. The PPH will set the daily odds on every sporting event that you choose to offer but will always let you change them on demand.


  • The pay per head has come along and changed everything, it has changed the way business is conducted for the bookie and it has certainly changed the way gamblers approach their sportsbook.


  • The pay per head is not a new concept and it’s highly likely that you have heard of it, possibly you are with a PPH now but are looking for a better product. Today’s PPH is better, bolder, and affordable.


  • Unlike the recent past when the PPH was for wealthy bookies, now, anyone can afford a great way to do business as a bookmaker.


  • Let’s face the facts – You are tired of being all things to all people, all of the time, especially at 3.00 am when a client calls and asks you the number on the Knicks game for three days later! Who needs this, who wants it?


  • The problem is you really do need this! You need those clients that call at all hours of the day and night. You need those bet crazy people that are putting money directly in your pocket.


  • The PPH does what you can’t do. They set the day’s lines and odds at 3.00 am, they accept all wagers either over the phone or on the website, they set all of the day’s action in the sportsbook, as well as in the racebook.


  • They also grade all bet slips and update all accounts automatically. You never have to touch anything.



  • The racebook is calibrated for you with the odds in perfect harmony. The math is done for you, the odds are calculated for you and there is no guesswork of any kind. All of the day’s races are set up on a platform that pays in real time, real time track odds, and you do nothing. You don’t have to know anything about horses, racing, the jockeys, the track… none of that. All you need to do is offer the racebook to your clients and let the pay per head do all of the work for you.


  • The casino is much like the racebook in the fact that everything is done for you. You don’t need experience in casino management, you don’t need to know how to calibrate an online casino, and you don’t have to know how algorithms work. You don’t have to know a thing about online casinos, and you don’t need to have 5-minutes worth of prior experience.


  • Customer service MUST be a priority for you because it’s for sure a priority for your clients. The best pay per heads are online and functional 99% of the time. You must find a PPH that has the reputation for reliability and security that offers a redundancy rate unequal to the competition.


No matter what you are looking for, the best customer service, the best user interface, top notch security, or the sharpest lines and odds… you will find them with a great PPH. Your best bet is to land yourself an online presence and the only way to do so is with a pay per head. You can be earning six-figures per year, and NO, you don’t have to kill yourself to do it. Make the call to the best PPH online and start earning what you are worth. It’s time to love what you do for a living.