Living Your Bookie Life

Selling the Parlay

Bookies, you must find what gamblers want and give it to them on a silver platter, hands down your best bet. Think back to your gambling days and what you wanted from your online sportsbook. You wanted quick and honest payouts, sharp lines and odds, and you wanted options. If your sportsbook didn’t offer options, you found one that did. “Selling the parlay” is a metaphor for what you must do to keep your clients on the hook. Not only do you want to keep them on the hook, but you hope they lose more then they win!

You must give them a huge wagering menu along with every way possible to bet on those sports. Give them what they want, and you will earn a six-figure income.


  • Land yourself an online presence immediately. You must be online if you want to see any profits whatsoever. The pay per head is the perfect venue for local bookies for two reasons – the cost is low, and your players want to play when you are not working.


  • You are one person, you need help, but you have tried this before or you have at least looked into building a website, maybe checking into what it would take to build the kind of website that supports a sportsbook.


  • It’s complicated! Let’s face the facts, building a gaming website is extremely complicated and unless you have the skills necessary to do it correctly, this is going to cost you a lot of money.


  • Have you looked at your competition’s websites? Of course, you have. There is a 99% chance that you have gambled yourself on their websites. Before you became a bookie, you were a gambler, and you may be gambling now. What you must realize is this… those websites you know of, they use pay per head technology. Even the big boys of the online gaming world use the less expensive option.


  • Building a gaming website is not only complicated, it’s also expensive. You are probably not a programmer, and you probably don’t know how to code. You may or may not be familiar with site-building, however, for a moment let’s pretend that you are all of the above, and that you do indeed have the know-how to get a gaming website off the ground and operational… are you going to want to spend every waking hour maintaining a website, or would you rather manage players?


  • The bottom line, is the bottom line! You are in this business to earn money and you should be earning a six-figure income. If you are saddled with the headaches of maintaining a gaming website, then you are simply going to live in a world of frustration.


  • The Pay Per Head Does Everything for You. They organize a topnotch gaming website that is second to none. They will keep up with any “big name” that you can think of. What they have done is packaged the website with the sportsbook, the racebook, and the casino. You will have all three venues.


  • You are still a local bookie and your friends, co-workers, and your buddy’s from the sports bar will still gamble with you, in fact, they will double down. Now, you are offering them 24/7 gaming, they will stay with you instead of running off to the bookmaker that’s open. You are now open!


  • The PPH sets your daily events in the sportsbook, the set the lines and odds but leave you in complete control. They offer a huge wagering menu with every sport under the sun. The website comes with a world-class racebook that features hundreds of games and even live dealers. Last but not least – the virtual casino will be your bread and butter; this is where your profits will be huge.

You want to sell much more than parlays; however, you must be in a great position to sell-or you will not sell a thing! Just the simple facts. The best way for a local bookie to sell parlays and to focus on individual bets and offer what the big boys offer, it is doing business with a pay per head. The cost is low, the convenience is everything, and your clients will love you. Call the PPH today and ask for a free gaming website.