Living Your Bookie Life

Living Your Bookie Life

Many bettors often ponder about the life of a bookie. Some of them think an investor requires millions of dollars to start a bookmaker.

It is important to choose the betting market you will focus on when creating a bookmaking budget. Here are six tips to live a successful bookie life.

1.     Understand Basic Features and Tools

Most experienced pay per head (PPH) agents understand various bookmaking features and tools. Also, bookie operators need to familiarize themselves with advanced sportsbook software.

The ideal software should automatically manage your betting lines and wages thus offering you enough time to track wagers. Still, you might have to manage the software manually especially if you contracted a cheap PPH firm. The automatic management of various bookie operations is included in the software fee you will pay.

2.     Technical Account Setup

Popular pay per head firms recommend technically managing your bookie software account’s setup. It is easy to oversee various sportsbook operations once you complete your account setup.

At times, bookmaking software can handle all major tasks including protecting data and running the servers. This enables you to automatically set up an account.

3.     Track Bettor’s Weekly and Daily Reports

It is your responsibility to track each bet. Also, you need to create daily wager reports and track weekly bets reports.

Even so, this task can be overwhelming as you might spend several hours performing it. Yet, modern bookie software automatically generates these reports daily or weekly. You need to analyze your business’ performance to determine low and peak betting hours.

4.     Use the Hold Percentage Reports Tool

The told itemizes each operation that the sportsbook software records. You should use these breakdowns to manage your investment. The hold percentage offers bet type, league, period, and sports breakdowns.

The tool can break down the average wagering amount, loss, volume, win, and real hold percentage. It is suitable for agents and sportsbooks. For example, you can have a 20 percent hold percentage and make $200 from a $1,000 bet.

The hold percentage tool adds different efficiencies for bookmakers. For example, in a National Basketball Association (NBA) Final Four Championship game, you can use the tool for an NBA Championship futures or NBA Championship Series.

You can manage more than two subsets and add them under comparisons like comparing NBA matches to those of the Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Football League (NFL). So, you can determine whether players have more interest in the NFL than NBA and vice versa. The hold percentage tool allows you to market a game before you offer it in your bookie.

5.     Set Up Sub-Agent Reports

The reports aren’t common in bookmaking software. They alert sub-agents about your expectations. Also, they can break down open wagers after a sporting event to enable sub-agents to view a particular game’s estimated profit.

As a bookie operator or master agent, you can ask the sub-agents to derive certain information from set up sub-agent reports to identify agents who are overloaded with bettors.

6.     Running Data Subsets

You can run several data subsets using a hold percentage tool. It will track each bettor’s or sub-agents activity and break it down according to bets, leagues, periods, and sports.

You can run these subsets in different ways. Run the subsets while comparing sub-agents or while comparing bettors. You can use the tool to compare two sub-agents and track their performance.

This will inspire your sub-agents to work harder thus boosting your bookie business. Compare the subsets of bettors to determine what they prefer to bet on various games.

Bookmakers that focus on their clients’ needs often succeed. Each operator needs to understand their target market to offer the right betting service. Also, review your bookie reports frequently to ensure you haven’t deviated from your financial goals.

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