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The PPH Industry has Grown and Changed a Lot Over the Years

There are many reasons why being a bookie is one of the best jobs on this planet. The PPH Industry has made the fun, the money, the thrill of sports easier than ever to attain. However, the sports betting industry has changed and evolved dramatically in recent years, it has taken a huge leap into the technology era, it has become more accessible for everyone, players and bookies, it has evolved into many different types of betting during a game, and not only before.

Sports bettors are looking for a connection, they want to be able to interact, almost to be a part of the game itself, and you, as a bookie, need to make the necessary adjustments to make that happen, so that your clients will keep coming back.

The Price per Head industry has been a big part of this evolution and is the main reason why nowadays more and more people have a real chance to come into this business and be successful at it. The Price per Head industry has been there all along, helping make adjustments, helping bring sports betting closer to people, helping make the overall experience better and available for the masses.

RealBookies PPH Software

How does Price per Head work?

Price per Head providers like RealBookies are built to give full backup and support for all bookies out there who want to give it a shot. We are fully operational sportsbooks that are ready to shake hands and make partnerships, allowing bookies to be successful, helping take care of their investment, avoiding unnecessary risks and expenses.

We have every single tool and service needed to run a world-class sportsbook operation, and we will also provide you with the safest, most affordable option for you to do it. With us you can end up paying a weekly fee of as low as $7 per active player, that’s all it takes, and this small fee includes everything you need and are looking for.

These are some of the many services that we will provide you with:

–           Website design for your sportsbook

–           Sports betting software and platform for mobile and desktop devices

–           Instant account setup for your new customers

–           Free Racebook

–           Free Poker Software

–           Free Virtual and Casino games

–           24/7 Customer Service representatives and wagering clerks

–           The best reporting tools in the industry

–           IT support

–           Free 4-week trial

These are some of the benefits you will get once you decide to come over and join us at, however, there are many more, so give us a call right now and let’s talk about your operation, your needs and your players. We want to make sure that we give you a personalized experience, because that’s what we do here in the Price per Head industry, we help, we adapt to our clients, we make sure to help in every possible way we can, so that you can be successful, and your players can have a safe and fun place to take their action and blow off some steam.