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Betting Software — Should You Use it?

Betting Software could be an equalizer. Bookies use the latest technology to process bets fast and provide gamblers with a thrilling betting experience. In addition, they often upgrade their software to keep up with the increasing demand for interesting games and extra betting markets.

The software has different functionalities and system requirements. Listed below are the six best sports betting software.

1. Betslayer

Betslayer is a famous arbitrage gambling software that rakes in up to £500 every week. It has a one-week trial and a £49 monthly subscription. You don’t have to download it, especially if you dread adding malware to your computer.

2. Profit Maximiser

The betting software is appropriate for matched gambling opportunities. You will pay £97 per year, or pay £1 and get a two-week trial. Profit Maximiser offers matched gambling bonuses, and you can recover the sign-up fee after a while.

3. Trademate Sports

Trademate Sports is a value-gambling finder that impresses many pundits. It offers the same service as Tipsters.

The software was initially called It calculates the true odds of a sports event’s outcome and offers players all the essential tools that they need to find profitable sports gambling opportunities.

The software has a complicated algorithm that runs continuously across handball, football, the Major League Basketball (MLB), the National Football League (NFL), and the National Basketball Association (NBA). Every sport has different opportunities that Trademate Sports’ algorithms can detect.

You can use the value gambling software to download anything. It has an in-browser interface that makes it compatible with all phones and computers. Trademate Sports is specially built for punters.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to set up and use the software as you can install it in one minute. Then, use Live Chat to contact customer support when you get stuck.

You will understand how to use the software once you log in. Still, the software has a bell sound alert that informs you whenever the feed has a new trade. So, you can wager while performing other duties.

Trademate Sports doesn’t explain in detail how it identifies value bets and expects market movements. It lacks bookie affiliate links on its website. Many sportsbooks endorse strategies and products when players have a high losing probability.

The betting software eases life, as it doesn’t need you to log in whenever you want to bet. Instead, you will open the feed, click your trades, and stake money on each trade.

Trademate allows you to change your bet details anytime. Including the odds and stake.

You can check your budget by entering the initial amount of money you deposited at a bookmaker. It has a one-week trial and two payment plans: Pro and Core.

Both plans provide lucrative value gambling opportunities. Besides, you will get €30 for free.

4. Hinto

Hinto is a popular value gambling software. Its sports gambling algorithm applies sophisticated machine-learning methods to analyze games and look for additional betting opportunities each week.

RealBookies Betting Software

The software makes about 12 percent profits per month. It has three price categories, including VIP, Premium, and Standard. You will pay £19.99 a month, £99.99 for Premium, and £149.99 every month.

5. RebelBetting

Clarobet AB developed RebelBetting software. The Swedish tech firm started operating in 2007. Several gambling specialties and developers partnered to form the company. RebelBetting has clients from more than 120 nations.

It searches wagers with a greater winning probability. The software helps players place bets worse.

6. PositiveBet

The software was released in 2013. It provides similar bugs and content, like The Forks.

PositiveBet uses live arbs rather than pre-match arbs. It provides news about 10 sports and reviews, 36 bookmakers.

Betting software analyses past sporting events and data from players. Some software process data from several bookies to create new arbitrage opportunities, while others seek matched gambling opportunities. Betslayer, Profit Maximiser, Trademate Sports, Hinto, RebelBetting, and PositiveBet are the most popular betting software today.

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