Celtics Coach Turned Down Indiana University Offer

Celtics Coach Turned Down Indiana University Offer

Last month, Indiana University signed Mike Woodson to be their new men’s basketball team coach. However, there was news that the current Celtics coach turned down Indiana University offer.

According to SportsBettingSolutionAsia.com sources, Indiana offered a long-term contract to Brad Stevens. However, Stevens rejected the offer of $70 million for seven years. It would have made him the highest-paid coach in college basketball.

At present, the highest-paid coach in NCAA men’s basketball is John Calipari of Kentucky. He makes $8 million a year. Villanova’s Jay Wright and Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski earn more than $5 million a year.

Celtics Coach Turned Down Indiana

Celtics Coach Turned Down Indiana University OfferIt is unclear how much Stevens is earning this year in the NBA. According to bookie PPH sources, he signed a contract extension last August 2020. However, the Celtics didn’t publish the details of the contract.

Sportsbook PPH experts assumed that the coach is getting less than $10 million a year as Indiana wouldn’t offer a pay decrease to lure him from his current position. Although it was a lot of money, Stevens said he was happy with Boston. Also, he’s not interested in leaving the organization any time soon.

Stevens said that he is grateful to the Boston organization and the people belonging to it. They have done many things for him. Also, he feels supported by the community. Thus, he loves coming to work daily. His family is also happy.

Coaching a college team is different from coaching in the National Basketball Association. It involves recruiting, which is a very tiring task. If the basketball responsibilities are not enough, a college coach needs to spend months convincing players to join the team.

Stevens has many reasons why he didn’t take the job at Indiana University. However, recruiting players might be one of them.

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