PPH Prices Depending Upon Your Needs

PPH Prices Depending Upon Your Needs

New bookies are often in the market for cheap pay per head (PPH) services.

A lot of PPH shops will have low introductory rates, but they then try to upcharge you every time you want to implement a new feature. We’re going to show you how to start a bookie inexpensively.

There are budget options with most features you’re ever going to need.

Best PPH Service on a Budget

 A1PPH is our number one recommendation for those on a budget. Here’s why:

  • Free Trial: Before you even have to spend a dime on the bookie software, you’ll be able to participate in the four-week free trial. This will give you a jumpstart on your new business.
  • Priced at $7/Head: A1PPH offers a low rate of just $7/head. That price can get even lower based on volume. Once you have 30+ players on your betting sheet, the discounts start.

You’ll only pay for active players every week after the free trial. An active player is defined as any account that places at least one wager in the sportsbook, racebook or casino.

  • Money Making Features: This provider offers all of the best money making features, such as live in-play sports wagering, virtual and live dealer casino games, plus a racebook.

It’s never a good idea to save a couple bucks per week if you’re going to have restricted access to the features that bookies the most money, but with A1PPH you’ll save and have all of the features.

You don’t have to miss out on revenue by using cheap PPH services.

Why a Cheap PPH Service Is Ideal

 You want to put as much money into your pocket as possible.

Spending thousands of dollars per month for a white label sportsbook platform isn’t a great idea unless you have hundreds of players, which most bookies will never have.

There isn’t much of a difference between complete white label sportsbook platforms and pay per head services other than payment processing, which you’ll need to handle.

This is a worthwhile tradeoff, though, as you’ll save thousands of dollars a month.

Top Reasons to Use a Cheap PPH Service

 Here are a few other top reasons why new bookies use cheap PPH services:

  1. Fast Set-Up: PPH services can have your website set-up with bookie software within a day, allowing you to quickly get started. The quicker you launch, the sooner you’ll make money.
  2. Just as Good: Cheap doesn’t always mean it’s worse, especially in the service industry. In many cases, cheap PPH services will work even harder for their clients.
  3. Low Investment: You don’t want to invest $10,000+ and then find out you can’t find anyone that wants to bet with your sportsbooks. Start small and reinvest profits as you please.

PPH prices can vary widely, but it’s important to shop around. A place like A1PPH offers all of the features a bookie could ever need while only charging $7/head, even if you only have one player.

Using cost to value metrics, A1PPH makes the most sense for a new bookmaker.