Ways to Increase Golf Betting Action

Ways to Increase Golf Betting Action

The Masters is just around the corner. With a couple of weeks left before the major PGA Tour event, it is the best time to learn how to increase golf betting action. Not a lot of people want to bet on golf. However, you can turn the tide and make players wager on the sport.

The best way to improve your golf wagering action is to use the available resources. Also, it would be best if you thought outside the box. In general, golf events don’t get a lot of action. We’re here to help increase your golf wagering handle.

Ways to Increase Golf Betting Action

Ways to Increase Golf Betting ActionThere are several ways to increase golf wagering action. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to spend money on a marketing campaign. It would help if you used what’s available to you.

Use Celebrity Golfers – According to pay per head reviews, they are golfers that even non-golfing fans know. Some names you can use include Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, and Jordan Spieth. When promoting golf tournaments, you should name drop famous golfers.

Golf Wagering Odds – Players are familiar with spreads. However, there is no such thing as a vig because large odds are available. For instance, Dustin Johnson is a +1200 favorite for The Masters. Yet, Patrick Reed has bigger odds of winning at +2800 based on PayPerHead sources. Thus, the chance to win lots of money can attract casual players to wager on golf.

Betting for Every Round – During The Masters, you can consider offering in-game betting for each round. PGA Tour events usually have four rounds. Sportsbook pay per head providers typically offer odds on each round. Thus, it would be best to remind your players to check the sportsbook for updated odds after each round.

These are ways you can increase golf betting action. You can use the tips to get more action during The Masters and other PGA Tour events.

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