Sacramento Should Let Joe Dumars Run the Kings

Sacramento Should Let Joe Dumars Run the Kings

With Vlade Divac stepping down as executive vice president of basketball operations, Sacramento should let Joe Dumars run the Kings. Dumars has been operating in the shadows since joining the franchise in 2014.

The Kings named Dumars as the interim replacement for Divac. However, pay per head bookie analysts suggest removing his interim title and give him the top spot of the franchise. Sacramento has been out of the spotlight after the run in the early 2000s with Chris Webber.

Dumars can help bring attention to the franchise. The Kings have been the subject of jokes for years. It missed the playoffs for the last 14 years. Also, they changed coaches ten times since 2006. Also, they need experience, savvy, and credibility from their front office.

Let Joe Dumars Run the Kings

Sacramento Should Let Joe Dumars Run the KingsJoe Dumars is the perfect man for the job. He has three championship rings. According to pay per head bookie sources, Dumars is part of the process to name a general manager. However, he is not in a hurry to find one at present.

Gambling software reviews and news sites said that Dumars might start the process next season. That way, he has enough time to evaluate executives within the league, and find the one who best suits the franchise.

Based on sportsbook pay per head reports, the Kings are not looking for a quick fix to its problem. Dumars can use the time to know the executives and sign one up when the time is right. Also, it will not be a surprise for him to sign a young executive who he can mentor.

Dumars was part of the Pistons organization that won the NBA title in 2004 without any superstar in the lineup. At that time, the salary cap was flat. It was a period without Dwayne Wade or LeBron James.

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