Georgia College Cancels Football Season and other Sports Updates

Georgia College Cancels Football Season and other Sports Updates

According to the latest sports news, Georgia College cancels football season and other cross-country sports. They blamed the coronavirus pandemic for the decision. Morehouse College President David A. Thomas said they will still honor the scholarships of student athletes.

Morehouse College is part of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic conference of the NCAA Division II. He said that it was a difficult decision for the school. However, they had the well-being of the community and students in mind when they made the cancellation of the football season. Thomas said it is hard to maintain social distancing while hosting games and travelling.

Another college stopped its voluntary workouts. UNLV made the announcement after four student athletes tested positive for coronavirus. The students are now in isolation, along with several others who had physical contact with them. Also, they canceled the workouts until July 5.

Georgia College Cancels Football Season

Georgia College Cancels Football Season and other Sports UpdatesMorehouse College and the rest of the college football community are greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. According to sportsbook software sources, The University of Tennessee had its overall revenues dropped by $10.1 million in 2020-2021. It assumed that fans will be in the stands for games.

Reducing the number of fans in the stands would significantly impact the school’s budget. However, President Randy Boyd said the school can handle any financial problem. The school estimated a drop of 19 percent with revenue of $30 million from ticket sales.

According to sportsbook pay per head solution reports, Virginia allowed football players to return to campus on July 5. However, the workouts are voluntary. It will educate student-athletes about the coronavirus and how to avoid spreading it. Also, the UVA staff will administer testing of students and staff members.

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