Canadian Sports Groups Want to Unite the Nation after Coronavirus

Canadian Sports Groups Want to Unite the Nation after Coronavirus

Tom Renney, chief executive officer of Hockey Canada, knows that Canadian sports groups have a vital role to play in healing the nation after the coronavirus pandemic. Renney was with the New York Rangers when 9/11 happened.

Four years after 9/11, the event was still haunting New York City. Renney, then the head coach of the team, knew that the Rangers could be a rallying point for the city. He told his team that it was not about hockey, but to make fans feel good.

The Rangers were the first team to do a post-game stick salute to their fans. The practice is now a common thing in the NHL. In the 2005-06 season, the Ranger finished third in the Atlantic Division. Also, it was the first time since 1997 that the team qualified for the playoffs.

Canadian Sports Groups and the Healing Process

Canadian Sports Groups Want to Unite the Nation after CoronavirusAs the CEO of Hockey Canada, Renney doesn’t know when sports will return. However, he knows that sports teams would play a vital role in the healing process. He told Bookie PayPerHead reporters that Canadian are resilient people, especially the hockey community.

At present, all sports are on hold as organizers try to contain the spread of the coronavirus. The NHL paused its season. However, the Canadian Hockey League playoffs and the Memorial Cup were already canceled, according to

There’s still no concrete timeline when the NBA, MLB, CFL, NHL, or other pro sports will return. Laurence Applebaum, Golf Canada CEO, told sportsbook pay per head reporters that the golfing world will be ready to unite the nation once the government lifted restrictions on large gatherings.

Applebaum said that golf would return and be part of Canadian’s lives. He hopes that sports can rally the country together and stand up once again after the pandemic.