Sportsbook NFL News – Antonio Brown Blocks Agent from Testifying in Court

Sportsbook NFL News – Antonio Brown Blocks Agent from Testifying in Court

NFL star Antonio Brown blocks his sports agent from giving his testimony in court. Brown filed a motion to stop the deposition of Drew Rosenhaus, his agent. It is part of the court case Brown has with his former landlord in Miami.

The landlord told Rosenhaus he wanted to ask him about the case. The former’s legal team wants the agent to turn over documents that include communications between him and Brown, lawyers, and other representatives regarding his stay at the $7 million rental property.

Also, the landlord’s camp is asking for text messages, voicemails, and email correspondence between the agent and other third parties regarding the Oakland Raiders’ team activities. In addition, the landlord wants to subpoena Brown’s contractual obligations with the Raiders, according to per head sportsbook sources.

Antonio Brown Blocks Agent’s Subpoena

Sportsbook NFL News – Antonio Brown Blocks Agent from Testifying in CourtBrown filed a motion to block the subpoenas. He told pay per head news sites that his messages with his agent are confidential. Also, he asked his agent not to turn over the private messages. However, the judge hasn’t ruled on Brown’s petition.

In 2018, Aqualina 1402 LLC filed a lawsuit against Brown. Aqualina 1402 is the landlord that leased the oceanfront condo unit in Miami. The lease started on February 2018. According to sportsbook PPH sources, the unit has high-end custom furniture. Also, it has a top of the line appliances.

The landlord accused Brown of damaging the property. He said the football star broke the lease by defacing, destroying, and damaging the premises, appliances, furniture, and other personal stuff.

In addition, the landlord spent a lot of money on repairs. He claimed Brown refused to pay for the damages. As a result, he sued for damages. Brown countersued the landlord. He adamantly denies all allegations and wants the lawsuit against him dismissed.

Pay per head reviews and news learned that Brown paid all the lease fees. He moved out of the unit after someone broke into it. In fact, he filed a lawsuit to demand the return of his deposit. The case is still ongoing.