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NCAA Sack Leader Disinvited from NFL Combine

Jaylon Ferguson is the NCAA sack leader of all time, but he will not be attending the NFL combine. According to the NFL, they disinvited the former Louisiana Tech player because of a previous battery conviction. During his freshman year, Ferguson got into a fight at a McDonald’s shop. As a result, he got a conviction. Although he was one of the 338 players who got an invite to the NFL combine, the league rescinded the invitation. The NFL policy states they can disinvite a player if one has a felony or misdemeanor conviction that involved violence. While Ferguson...

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UK Gambling Commission Improves ID Checks

The UK Gambling Commission is implementing new rules for operators, Their goal is to make online gambling fairer and safer. The improved ID checks require operators to confirm clients’ identity and age in less than 72 hours. The UKGC said that faster ID checks will help stop gamblers from going around exclusion systems. In addition, it will prevent children from accessing gambling sites. Operators need to verify the clients’ details before they can gamble or add funds. Also, unverified customers can’t play on gambling sites with a free bet. Stricter ID Checks The commission will implement the new rules...

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How to Advertise Bookie Pay Per Head

Congratulations on your new sportsbook! Now that you already launched your website, the next step is to market it. You might be asking, “How can you advertise bookie pay per head?” There are several ways to drive traffic to your pay per head site. Promoting your bookie PPH requires a lot of time and effort. Here are some methods you can use to advertise bookie pay per head. Email Marketing to Advertise Bookie Pay Per Head Email is the most effective medium to acquire new customers. It works as soon as you start it. The best thing about an...

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LPGA to Use Shot Tracking System

More states are trying to legalize gambling even if the DOJ released a new ruling that will make online betting illegal. As a result, major sports leagues are working overtime to find ways on how to engage their fans. For its part, the LPGA is going to use a shot tracking system soon. Through the in-shot tracking system, fans will receive data in a non-intrusive manner. By making broadcasts more engaging, golf events will have better viewership. The LPGA can do so by providing real-time data through an in-shot tracking system. LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan told sports news outlets...

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Wire Act Can’t Stop Online Sports Betting

The Department of Justice released a new opinion that reverts its interpretation of the Wire Act. However, federal prosecutors will find it difficult to use it to stop online sports betting and interstate lotteries. The DOJ needs to update its prosecution manual to include its new opinion. The department has 90 days to provide the revised guidance. However, the grace period can extend further. As a result, it can delay any legal actions. In addition, the Organized Crime and Gang Section can allow prosecutors to delay bringing charges if 90 days is not enough. The OCGC is part of the...

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DollarPerHead is a pay per head company that is based in Costa Rica. Their company claims that their site is the only true pay per head company in Costa Rica that offers multiple languages. They also promote their decades of experience in the sports betting industry. One thing we noticed off the bat, is that they do offer a variety of packages to accommodate bookies of all types. If you are new and want to start relatively small, they can offer you packages that will vary from packages that will be offered to veteran bookies. What we find amusing,...

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Turkey Offers Sports Gambling Operation

The Turkish government wants to improve its sports betting operations. According to reports, the operator will oversee a new sports gambling operation in Turkey. The venture involves operating the centralized sports betting system on behalf of the state-owned SporToto service. To qualify for the ten-year contract, the business must have experience in running a retail betting network with a minimum of 500 outlets. Turkey wants the operator to establish at least 6,000 POS across the country. In addition, the operator must be based in the country. It takes more than knowing how to be a bookie for dummies to...

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Antonio Brown Unhappy with the Steelers

Antonio Brown surprised fans when he came out in civvies during the last Steelers’ game against the Bengals. What’s shocking was the reason behind his benching. Initially, the team said the receiver was suffering from a knee injury. However, it turned out someone in the team made Antonio Brown unhappy. In a surprising turn of events, Brown wants out of the Steelers. According to reports, the star receiver had an altercation with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Then, he went missing after the midweek practice. As a result, he found himself on the bench during gameday. On Sunday, Brown showed up at...

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How Sports Betting Could Affect the Elections

The idea of sports betting affecting an election outcome seems odd. But just like any other industry, there are revenues from sports betting and online gambling. And revenues from the industry could contribute a lot to the government, national or local, in terms of taxes and licensing fees. A top bookie pay per head earns thousands, and the potential to earn more is growing as more states legalize sports betting. You can check out some pay per head reviews to see how. In the case of Tennessee, the Governor post could be affected by sports betting. The two contenders...

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NBA Preseason Betting News

The NBA Preseason 2018 kicks off this Friday. The Charlotte Hornets will be hosting the Boston Celtics at 7:30 pm ET. The NBA is one of the most lucrative sports in the sports betting industry, especially with recreational bettors. Get yourself a good provider of bookie pay per head solutions and start your own sportsbook before the season starts. The Hornets enjoyed a 36-win season last year and they ended up 10th in the Eastern Conference. Despite their number of wins, however, they could have done a lot better in that season. Their lineup, their coaching staff, and other...

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