New MLS Franchise Signs Chucky Lozano

New MLS Franchise Signs Chucky Lozano

After becoming the 30th team in Major League Soccer, San Diego FC made a massive move by signing Hirving “Chucky” Lozano. He will be the first player of the new MLS franchise. Also, his contract will be until 2028. However, Lozano will not join the club until 2025 because he still has to play for PSV this year.

According to sportsbook software experts, Lozano will be moving to the United States amid a pivotal time for soccer in North America. He previously won the Eredivisie with PSV and scored six goals in league play. This deal makes sense for Lozano, who will not be participating in Mexico’s Copa America this summer but maybe reintegrated into the team in 2026 when the World Cup is held in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

The World Cup isn’t the only reason San Diego may benefit from such additions. In their inaugural season, San Diego hopes to establish a reputation using their worldwide ties and executives like Tom Penn, who has experience developing expansion teams with Los Angeles FC and academy links.

New MLS Franchise to Build Its Roster

New MLS Franchise Signs Chucky LozanoAs San Diego continues to bolster its team, comparisons to Penn’s previous deal with Carlos Vela’s arrival at LAFC are inevitable. Vela, who was then playing for Real Sociedad, stormed the Major League Soccer (MLS) with the Black and Gold, earning the MVP award, setting a new milestone for most goals in a season with 34, and ultimately winning the MLS Cup. Their first season in the league may be a smashing success if Lozano can replicate Vela’s effect.

According to sportsbook pay per head reviews and news sites, Jeppe Tverskov and Marcus Ingvartsen, formerly of FC Nordsjaelland, joined San Diego FC due to the growing trend of multi-club ownership in soccer. Those are the kinds of players who, in the past, would have gone to one of the top five European leagues, but they’re sticking around to join a new MLS project—all because Right To Dream is recognizable to them. In Egypt, they share a group with FC Tut and FCN.

San Diego FC is the newest member of the Mansour Group, which also owns Right to Dream, FC Nordsjaelland, and FC Tut, a Ghanaian young association football academy system. It is quickly rising to the ranks of the world’s leading talent producers, thanks to products like Simon Adingra and Mohammed Kudus.

Future San Diego FC Roster

San Diego has become a talent destination with the addition of a potential starting goalie, a top scorer and winger, and a defensive-minded midfielder. They may now try to entice additional talent with Lozano as their public face; he is a worldwide famous and highly regarded player in Mexico, thanks to his accomplishments for both clubs and El Tri. Even though assembling a squad on the field is never easy, San Diego’s attitude shines in this regard.

Spending is crucial, but so is the academy component. Like the Philadelphia Union, San Diego is constructing a fully operational academy with an academic component. However, San Diego will need to make significant progress rapidly to achieve that objective.

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