NC State Upset Duke in ACC Tournament

NC State Upset Duke in ACC Tournament

NC State upset Duke. As a result, the latter cannot win back-to-back ACC tournament titles. It was the first game for the Blue Devils because of a double-bye being the top seed in the conference. Also, they had not lost an ACC opener since 2013. In addition, the early exit will impact the Blue Devils’ seeding in the NCAA Tournament.

An early sign of offensive troubles was the Blue Devils’ nine-forty field goal attempts, which they missed. Duke sophomore Kyle Filipowski finished the game with a double-double (28 points, 14 boards). His performance was hindered in the second half by the defense of NC State center D.J. Burns Jr., although he had led a 9-0 run in the first.

After a dominant performance in Tuesday’s victory over Louisville, the Wolfpack continued their winning streak on Wednesday with an upset victory against Syracuse, the tournament’s seventh seed. According to basketball sportsbooks, their previous four-game losing run ended when they won three games in a row in only three days.

NC State Upset Duke

NC State Upset Duke in ACC TournamentOn the way into halftime, NC State had a 35-32 advantage thanks to a 5-for-11 performance from beyond the arc. From the bench, NC State’s starting guard, DJ Horne, scored 12 points in the first half. Horne is back from an injury. He scored twice in the first half, the last of which was a miraculous goal at the buzzer. He scored six more points in the previous seconds.

In the second half, Duke was unable to get any upper hand. However, with 32 seconds remaining, it appeared the Blue Devils were about to capitalize on a record-setting break. Ben Middlebrook’s missed dunk was one of several late-game mistakes committed by NC State.

When Mohamed Diarra missed a pair of free throws with 21 seconds remaining, Filipowski took advantage of the defensive rebound and laid up the ball to pull the Blue Devils within two points, 71-69. PPH bookie reports that the Duke big man fouled out as time passed. Thus, Horne went to the line for a free throw.

Horne converted both free throw tries in a game where the score was 73–69. According to basketball news reports, Diarra was the next player fouled by NC State.

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