Kentucky Soars in the Rankings

Kentucky Soars in the Rankings

The regular NCAA Basketball season is over and last week we saw some major changes in the rankings. This is because we got to see 2 losses from top college basketball teams that shook the NCAA basketball rankings. We are talking about Kentucky (15) beating No. 4 Tennessee 85-81 and Arizona (5) losing to Southern California 65-78. Thus, the rankings have seen some major as Kentucky Soars in the Rankings, going moving up by 6 spots.

Today, the Associated Press put out their week 19 poll for the top 25 men’s NCAA Basketball poll. We got to see several changes with some losing their top position and others making the top 10. Other than Kentucky, the big winners are North Carolina going up 3 spots and Utah State going up 4 spots.

On the losing side of the AP Rankings is Duke losing their top 10 ranking by going down 2 spots. In addition, Baylor wen down 2 spots after losing to Texas Tech. For those that bet on basketball, Washington State losing 68-74 to Washington and going down 4 spots is pretty significant.

Kentucky Soars in the Rankings to No. 9

Kentucky Soars in the Rankings to No. 9For those waiting for Selection Sunday so they can fill out a winning March Madness bracket, the wait is almost over. However, you might see a few changes that you were not expecting. For Kentucky Wildcats betting fans it is good news. Needless to say, the Wildcats got to finish the season on a high note after beating Tennessee during an away game.

According to the AP Top College Basketball Rankings, Kentucky now ranks 9th passing Kansas, Auburn, Illinois, Baylor, Duke and Marquette. Thanks to this win, the Wildcats are now the No. 2 seed in the SEC tournament. According to College basketball news, they will now either play Texas A&M or Ole Mill for their postseason opening game.

For the last 4 weeks, Kentucky had been steadily rising in the polls. This is after they went down to no. 22 a few weeks ago.

Now, Kentucky will enter the SEC Tournament with a 6-5 record in Quad 1. In addition, they hold the 19th spot in the NET ratings. For those new to the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, these are important factor for the NCAA Tournament selection committee.

At the moment, Kentucky is probably a no. 3 seed for March Madness. However, if they can win the SEC tournament, they might be able to achieve and no. 2 seed.

AP Poll – Top 25 College Basketball Teams for Week 19

  1. Houston (28-3)
  2. UConn (28-3)
  3. Purdue (28-3)
  4. North Carolina (25-6)
  5. Tennessee (24-7)
  6. Arizona (24-7)
  7. Iowa State (24-7)
  8. Creighton (23-8)
  9. Kentucky (23-8)
  10. Marquette (23-8)
  11. Duke (24-7)
  12. Auburn (24-7)
  13. Illinois (23-8)
  14. Baylor (22-9)
  15. South Carolina (25-6)
  16. Kansas (22-9)
  17. Gonzaga (24-6)
  18. Utah State (26-5)
  19. Alabama (21-10)
  20. BYU (22-9)
  21. Saint Mary’s (24-7)
  22. Washington State (23-8)
  23. Nevada (26-6)
  24. Dayton (24-6)
  25. Texas Tech (22-9)

*AP Ranking for Top 25 men’s College Basketball Poll

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