Doncic Said Lillard Deserves Starting Spot Over Him

Doncic Said Lillard Deserves Starting Spot Over Him

Earlier this week, the NBA announced the All-Star Game starters this year. It will take place in Atlanta on March 7. There were many debates on deserving to be starters for the game. Doncic said Lillard deserves starting spot instead of him.

Luka Doncic and Damian Lillard finished with the same number of votes. However, the former won the tiebreaker based on the votes from fans. Doncic told reporters that he was surprised to be named a starter for the All-Star Game. He thought Lillard is more deserving than him.

Doncic played 29 games in the season. He averages 29 points, nine assists, and eight rebounds. Also, he is in the top ten for the three categories. Thus, he also deserves to be one of the starters. Lillard averages 29 points, seven rebounds, and four rebounds.

Doncic Said Lillard Deserves to be Starter

The good news is that Portland’s star is likely to be part of the All-Star Game. He will also participate in the 3-point contest, according to bookie pay per head reports.

Some potential first-time All-Stars are Zion Williamson, Mike Conley, and Jaylen Brown. Coaches will vote for the reserves announced on February 23 as per online bookie software sources.

Jaylen Brown is averaging 28 points and six rebounds. He improved his shooting percentage this year as he leads the Celtics when Kemba Walker is unavailable. Also, he curbed his turnover rate.

Zion Williamson is another young player who is a shoo-in for the All-Star Game. He averages 26 points. Also, he is passing better this year. According to, Williamson’s weakness is his defense. However, players hardly play any defense during the exhibition match.

Mike Conley averages 20 points and seven assists. Also, he is the most efficient in his career this season. The Jazz is also one of the best teams in the NBA to date. On the downside, he is hurt, and Utah might wish that he skips the All-Star Game altogether.

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