When you open an NBA sportsbook, you should know the latest developments in the free agency market. One of the biggest news this week is the return of Carmelo Anthony in an active roster. However, many analysts are wondering why Jamal Crawford is still a free agent.

Despite his age, Crawford can still play in the NBA. In the last game last season, he scored 51 points. Only one player in the league’s history scored more than Crawford in a game 82 of the season. He was no other than Kobe Bryant in his final game before he retired from the NBA. He scored 60 points against Utah to end the 2015-2016 season.

However, Crawford is not ready for retirement just yet. He still wants to play in the NBA. Nevertheless, the 39-year old veteran remains without a team this season. At present, he is living in Seattle, which is probably not the right choice if he wants teams to notice him.

Jamal Crawford in the Free Agency Market

Sportsbook Insiders Questions Why Jamal Crawford is Still a Free AgentAging veterans have a hard time looking for a team. Most teams don’t have a sport for a proven veteran unless there’s an injury. In the case of Portland, they were desperate to have another scorer in their roster. As a result, they signed up Carmelo Anthony.

Crawford was happy about Anthony’s signing. He tweeted out his support for Anthony and Iman Shumpert. The latter signed with the Nets earlier this week, according to pay per head news reports.

Crawford told sportsbook pay per head insiders that he can still play. Also, he has a good reputation in the league. There’s no reason why a team hasn’t signed him yet. Based on his performance last season, he should still be part of a team’s rotation as a reserve.