Roc Nation Sports and Jay-Z wanted the brain injury lawsuit filed by Daniel Franco dismissed. The firm argued that the boxer’s contract stated legal issues are handled by NJ law. In addition, both parties can settle legal issues through arbitration.

Roc Nation Sports argued that California laws don’t matter in this case because the contract is under the law of New Jersey. In fact, promoter Dino Duva supported the motion for dismissal of the lawsuit.

Duva told bookie software news outlets that Franco signed the contract in 2015 with the help of an experienced manager Ray Chaparro. The latter proposed the terms within the contract during negotiations.

Dismissal of Brain Injury Lawsuit

Roc Nation Sports Wants Brain Injury Lawsuit DismissedFranco filed the brain injury lawsuit after suffering brain and skull injuries he got while under contract with Roc Nation Sports. He fought Christopher Martin on March 2017. According to sportsbook pay per head sources, Franco claimed to be sick with flu before the match. As a result, he can’t prepare properly for the fight.

The boxer claimed Roc Nation Sports forced him to go through the fight. According to him, the firm told him he will have a hard time getting future fights if he doesn’t get up the ring. He lost by technical knockout.

According to documents submitted to the court, Franco had a scheduled fight on May 12, 2017, and another one on June 10, 2017. The boxer claimed Roc Nation Sports didn’t get appropriate medical clearance before the June 10 fight.

Pay per head news sites got a copy of the lawsuit. Franco claimed he got a brain bleed and two skull fractures that happened before the June 10 fight. However, the injuries worsen when he got knocked out by Jose Haro in the eighth round. A hearing for the lawsuit was scheduled for September 20.