2024 Euro Cup - Portugal vs Slovenia Preview

2024 Euro Cup – Portugal vs Slovenia Preview

For the last matchup of today’s Round of 16 for the 2024 Euro Cup, we have Portugal vs Slovenia. Thus, in our Portugal vs Slovenia Preview, go over how each team will fare for this soccer showdown.

Portugal secured the top spot in Group F with 2 wins and a loss. Despite tying with Turkey on 6 points, Portugal’s +2 goal difference proved to be the deciding factor. The team defeated Czechia 2-1 and Turkey 3-0 before suffering a 2-0 loss to Georgia on Wednesday. With Manchester City forward Bernardo Silva leading the attack, Portugal, ranked 6th in the FIFA World Rankings, boasts a strong offensive lineup alongside the experienced Cristiano Ronaldo.

Slovenia, currently ranked 57th in the world, finished 3rd in Group C, which was topped by England followed by Denmark. Slovenia drew all 3 group stage matches, with results of 1-1 against Denmark and Serbia, and a goalless draw against England. RB Leipzig’s Benjamin Šeško, a talented 21-year-old forward, is the key creative force in Slovenia’s attacking lineup.

Portugal vs Slovenia Preview

Portugal Betting Preview and Betting Pick

Portugal vs Slovenia Preview Portugal comfortably progressed from the group stage after securing two consecutive victories at the start of the competition. Despite Georgia causing an upset in the third match, it is worth noting that Portugal fielded a rotated squad, resting several key players for the upcoming knockout rounds.

The sportsbook pay per head metrics further confirms the impressive performance of Roberto Martínez’s team. Portugal has maintained an average of 1.93 expected goals and 3.67 significant scoring opportunities per 90 minutes, as reported by fbref.com.

While the attacking prowess of a Martínez-led team is expected, the defensive aspect has also been commendable. Portugal conceded only 1.1 expected goals and one major scoring chance in the initial two matches.

If the defense continues to support the star-studded attack, A Seleção has the potential to make a substantial impact in this tournament.

Slovania Betting Preview and Betting Pick

Slovenia, initially predicted to finish last in Group C, surprised everyone by securing three draws and advancing to the round of 16. The matches were far from straightforward, with Slovenia holding a lead against Serbia and then managing to shut out England to secure their historic advancement.

A victory in the next match would solidify their status as legends in the country’s football history.

2024 Euro Cup – Portugal vs Slovenia Betting Prediction

I had high expectations for Portugal in this tournament, but I think there’s a better opportunity for a prop bet in this match. My soccer betting top choice is for the total corners to exceed 9.5 at -121. I also predict that Portugal will exceed their total of 6.5 corners as a team.

In the case of Portugal, all three of their tournament matches have had at least 10 corners. The significance of this statistic goes beyond the total itself.

The fact that this would have been successful in all three matches means that this bet can still win whether Portugal are comfortably ahead or chasing a goal.

On the other hand, this has also been a profitable bet for Slovenia. The three group games involving Slovenia averaged 11 corners, with two matches having 10 or more corners.

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