Super Bowl LVIII Game Highlights

Super Bowl LVIII Game Highlights

This year’s Super Bowl game was as exciting as it gets. This is because it had a lot of drama, excitement and an overtime finish. In the end, the Kansas City Chiefs won against the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in overtime. In our Super Bowl LVIII Game Highlights, we will go over the major events and answer questions about the game.

Just keep in mind that we are using the term “Super Bowl LVIII Highlights” loosely. This is because there are just too many events that took place to go over all of them. Of course, the most memorable event was Kansas City winning in overtime. This is because it was the first use of the 2022 NFL overtime rule during a Super Bowl game.

For the Chiefs, it was an amazing win. Not just because they were the underdog but also because of several decisions made during the game. Many of these decisions by both teams will be on the discussion agenda for years to come.

Super Bowl LVIII Game Highlights and Questions

The Big Question – Why did the 49ers take the ball first in Overtime?

Super Bowl LVIII Game Highlights - Why did the 49ers take the ball first in Overtime? Before, overtime in the NFL was much easier. You win the toss in overtime; you take the ball. However, with the new NFL overtime rules, each team gets an opportunity to be in possession of the ball. Therefore, after winning the overtime coin toss, with tails, the San Francisco 49ers had a choice.

Defer the opening kickoff and give the ball to the Chiefs or take the ball first and score a touchdown. The 49ers went with getting the ball first. Unfortunately, they were not able to get very far and had to settle for a field goal. In return, the Chiefs were able manage a touchdown to seal the game in their favor.

Since the 49ers lost, the decision by coach, Kyle Shanahan will forever be in the mind of every 49ers’ fans. Thus, this leaves to the question as to Why did the 49ers take the ball first in Overtime?

Some analysts are agreeing with his decision because the defense was in need of a rest. Furthermore, if the game went into sudden death, they would have possession of the ball first.

However, critics of Shanahan argue that this is not the first time his decision-making has been in question. According to online football sportsbooks data, two games come to mind. The first is when he was offensive coordinator for the Falcons during Super Bowl LI. Despite the Falcons having a substantial lead, Shanahan chose to continue to pass the ball. In the end, it led to the Patriots winning after coming back from a 28-3 deficit.

The second example that comes to mind was during Super Bowl LIV against the Chiefs. Shanahan chose not to have his team try for a last-minute drive in the first half. Instead, he chose to instead content to go into halftime tied with the Chiefs. Kansas City eventually came back from down by double-digits to win the game.

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Travis Kelce Scuffles with Andy Reid

Super Bowl LVIII Game Highlights - Travis Kelce Scuffles with Andy Reid During the second quarter of the game, cameras caught tight end, Travis Kelce screaming at Reid’s face. Sportsbooks speculate that he was probably upset after being taken off the field before Isiah Pacheco’s red zone fumbler. However, what made the event stick to everyone’s mind was that Kelce got physical. Kelce was seen pushing Reid and Reid lost his balance and nearly fell over before Jerick McKinnon took Kelce away.

At the end of the game, the Chiefs won and everything was good between them. Some believe that getting physical with your coach is a red flag and unacceptable. For what it’s worth, minutes after the incident, Kelce was seen hugging Rei and Reid patting him in the back.

For Swift fans, many feel that Kelce pushing Reid should be a red flag for Swift. In fact, several fans believe that Swift should dump him in light of his aggressive behavior towards his coach.

More Super Bowl LVIII Highlights

How did the Sportsbooks Do?

According to sports betting numbers, by kickoff time, the public betting was on the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl. this meant that most of the money was on the Chiefs to win. Therefore, the sportsbooks were hoping for the 49ers to win Super Bowl LVIII so they could make a substantial profit.

Unfortunately for bookies, the Chiefs won and the sportsbooks took a hit from it. To add to the injury, a majority of people took the over on the game and the bookies also had to pay for that! While it was a blow to bookies, that is just how the industry work. As seen during season 1 of the Bookie as they make bank on the Super Bowl.  You win some, you lose some. What matters in the end for bookies is that overall, they make a profit and can cover their losses.

Therefore, 49ers winning the Super Bowl. This means that most of the money was

Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show

As the main attraction for the halftime show, the R&B King went all out. He began by dancing on the field with an ensemble of acrobatic dancers, while singing his 2004 hit, “Caught Up,”.

Furthermore, his halftime show had surprise appearances from collaborators like Jermaine Dupri, Lil Jon, Ludacris, Alicia Keys,, and H.E.R. Considering how much the NFL pays Super Bowl halftime artists, Usher did a great job getting such a lineup.

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