Australia Implements New ID Requirements for Online Gambling

Australia Implements New ID Requirements for Online Gambling

Australia introduced new ID requirements to mitigate gambling harm and underage gambling. Bettors need to present their identification cards before they can play online. Also, the new measure replaced the previous system that required players to prove their identity within 72 hours.

According to the best pay per head bookie, players can no longer make deposits or wagers without first providing photo identification.

By requiring proof of identity before playing, businesses can curb attempts to evade their corporate social responsibility policies. That means that operators can prevent minors’ gambling and self-exclude customers.

New ID Requirements for Online Gambling

Australia Implements New ID Requirements for Online GamblingOver 90% of his organization’s members currently check clients’ identities, says Kai Cantwell, CEO of Responsible Wagering Australia. He said the adjustment will finally bring the lagging businesses up to par.

Cantwell said that the verification procedure will assist businesses in promoting their safer gaming products by requiring users to enter a deposit cap when signing up. A safer gaming market in which betting is enjoyed responsibly may be attained partly by making players more aware of the player protection options available to consumers. Cantwell also explained how the new ID verification method will help stop fraud.

Cantwell claimed that the rule requiring identity proof for gamblers should also be extended to land-based casinos.

Australia is constantly updating its gaming laws to safeguard its residents and reduce the number of people who develop gambling problems. According to sources, loot boxes and other forms of simulated gambling have recently been the focus of age categorization efforts in Australia. Therefore, beginning in September 2024, these games will be required to restrict access to such content for anyone under 18.

Many people in New South Wales feel that if gambling establishments began testing out cashless gaming, the state’s problem gambling and gambling fraud rates would decrease. Liquor & Gaming NSW and its allies must convince doubters that the measure effectively secures the gambling industry. To reduce gambling-related damage in New South Wales, the state government has just set aside AUD 100 million.

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